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Sep 8, 2003
First off: Congratulations on the new Forum. As a subscriber to both Sirius and XM I'm happy to report that i'm enjoying the benefits of Satellite Radio every day, no matter which car we are in.

I figure every service provider discussion board has a thread where people posts service requests, so I thought I would start the Sirius request thread.

My request Progressive Rock. A station that mixes both classic and new would be great. The perfect solution would be three channels:

1) Progressive Mix: Old, New, Soft, Hard, instrumental, vocal, space rock, etc. - basically everything.
2) Soft Progressive Eclectic mix ala Fine Tuning on XM - basically a progressive rock channel your girlfriend or wife will let you listen to. (the guy
3) Hard Edged Progressive: Dream Theater, Harder YES, Shadow Gallery, King Crimson, etc.

I know three is asking for too much, so i'll be happy with number one. That's my vote, i'm sure their are some others who would like to see some channels.

If their is anyone from Sirius programming who watches this board, i'd love to know if a Progressive rock station was considered, and if so, why wasn't it created.
I'd like to see if there is some way that those of us who have the Sirius music streams through Dish could get access to the Internet Sirius streams. Maybe Scott could work something out for us. :D

(I don't spend enough time in the car to justify a full Sirius subscription, but I'd consider a few $$$ a month to get the Internet streams.)
The home kit makes it worthwile for me... I'm listening almost every waking hour now.

I'd like to see the entertainment stations streaming online.

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