Smoking Meat?

What about electric? I've seen some neighbors with these smokers that kind of look like little refrigerators. I remember when I was a kid, my dad using an ancient refrigerator as a smoker, he had an electric hotplate in the bottom of it. But, I was too young to care about the rest. New fridges can't do the same, as there's too much plastic in them now.
Maybe but I don't know anything about those.
Devices are sold to attach to variously fueled smokers to maintain the temperature.

I have two sizes of Weber bullet smokers. Don’t use them anymore. Yes, I had to stay up a lot to keep the temps good overnight. They DO sell aftermarket temperature controllers for these. But I moved on.

Then I bought an electric smoker, and an aftermarket PID temperature controller. Then I started using the Webers for 2-3 hours to get a smoke ring, then put the meat in the electric smoker for overnight. No temperature worries. The electric has a tray for wood, but I get better smoke rings from the Webers.

THEN I bought a Kamado Joe ceramic (love it) and aftermarket temperature controller. I keeps temps better, and uses less charcoal and wood chunks. Puts out a great smoke ring. AND I can crank it up to 550-600 for making pizzas! Really GOOD pizzas. Can’t stand to get take out or frozen anymore. The last good pizza parlor around here must have lost their cook, because it ain’t worth eating anymore.
I just bought a Traeger Redland, Costco's version of the Ironwood 650. Seems well built and gets up to temp pretty quick. Been raining so much around here I haven't had much chance to use it so far. I do enjoy the WiFi control from their app.
Is it true that the Costco Traeger Redland comes with the front shelf and a cover?
Making pulled pork. Smoked a 4.5 Lb "rubbed" pork butt indirect over lump charcoal and Hickory chips for 2 Hrs. @ 225 degrees F. Transferred to a heavy preheated Dutch oven. Stoked the fire up to 325 added two bottles of room temp beer (Mexican lager), 1 medium onion, 3 cloves of garlic and cooking for 4 more hours (until fork tender). Tonight we will be having pulled pork sandwiches on brioche from a local bakery and home made BBQ sauce. If there are leftovers they will go into taco's, quesadillas or on my home made pizza. My neighbor already invited herself over for dinner. LOL.

* I personally prefer my dutch oven method to wrapping in foil or butcher paper. I even do this with ribs. I just need to cut the ribs down so they fit into the Dutch oven.
Interesting. I may have to try that.

I just smoked three St Louis. 225 for about 5 hours. Lump. Some cherry chips (too small to impart anything- besides, SWMBO doesn’t like cherry) and apple chunks. Simple overnight dry rub. Trying different sauces.
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Did some smoked queso eariler on the pellet grill. Currently have some apple juice baby backs going. Shouldnt be long on those.
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And this weekend I upgraded to the newer platinum model with upgraded controllers.
Still keeping the smaller one for now, but I’ve got a neighbor eying it.
Once I get a few weeks in with the new one and am satisfied, I’ll probably unload it and end up mostly money neutral.
Just loaded the Laredo up to its new owner and got a new pro series 1150 v3 that came out this year.

Five degree increment controls on this one.

It will have to impress me a lot to make me forget the last one, but I’m ready the challenge.

Got it delivered today, did the initial burn off and did simple red hots on it for lunch.

Ribeyes for supper (reverse sear) and smoking chicken tomorrow.

I’m still sold on the simplicity of the pellet devices. So much so that I sold my Kamado a few months ago.


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Ahh, and if anyone does have a pellet device and misses the old charcoal flavor profile, I highly recommend these.

Unlike some other charcoal pellets that are blended, these are not.

Just can’t find them all the time locally.


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What's for dinner ?