Sony XBR-75X940E

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  1. Did you buy that or rent it?

  3. Bought. Now that HDR cal patterns are easy to get (I have a nice UHD disc with patterns), and the C6 has a great track record, I figured it was time again. I sold my gear when HDR was coming, because I had no way to cal it. Granted with the Sony you just cal SDR and it maps to HDR, which makes it EASY.

    It was $999 for the C6 HDR2000 (can read up to 2000 nits) and Calman Home Theater. I tried everything out last night, so I am going to calibrate Cinema Pro mode tonight when the wife goes to bed.
  4. I have been seeing a Directv App, and had no idea these were RVU. Just watched a video of an older model, I could get rid of my client! I guess you just run the coax that would feed the client direct to the coax on the Sony?
  5. Wow! That is a big investment. Do you have to get the meters re calibrated over time?
  6. When this model first came out, I had the D3 Pro version from Chromapure, and I sent it in two years in a row for check, and it never drifted. So if anything I might have it rechecked for a small fee every 2-3 years. It is sealed, so that is nice.

    And when I factor in 2-3 cal visits a year, it pays for itself in 12 months.
  7. RVU TVs must be connected via Ethernet (at least the last inches). To my knowledge, there are zero televisions that feature a built-in DECA adapter.

    I've seen rumblings that Ethernet is going to replace DECA in situations where DIRECTV 4K is involved.
  8. This was by far the easiest cal I ever did. I followed calibrator recommendations, reset Cinema Pro to stock, adjusted the backlight to where I wanted it (had 15 which I knew was too bright) at 10, which was 45 footlamberts. Since I don't use day/night, I have been using around 45fL for a few years as my all the time mode.

    Black level at 50 was perfect in both SDR and HDR, left Contrast at 90. I knew the image was very blue, and the pre results showed that, looks a lot better now in the brighter scenes (you could see a purplish blue around people against a sky, etc...).

    As far as white balance, all I had to do is RGB High, to get the 80% looking pretty nice, and then when I ran the full thing, the results were under two so I left it alone. I've learned not to obsess, and I did not even touch the 10pt.

    What I love is once you trigger HDR Cinema Pro, the WB adjustments are carried over, the the results are great. Sony's decision to take the SDR WB and map to HDR was brilliant IMO, I wish more would have done that. I also hope they follow the same suit with Dolby Vision, because not many can really calibrate it yet.

    With 10% or larger patterns, HDR nits were lower as you can see. With a 5% pattern it hit 1200 nits. I think in reviews the folks hitting over 1300 used 2%.

    Any questions, ask away, I made some notes.

    SDR Results

    SDR Color Checker

    HDR Results

    HDR Color Checker
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  9. Looks like Chad will be here around 11/20, and he just did a 940E for someone else I know. Will post info once complete, but I know he figured out a few things that I did not know. That is why he makes the big bucks!
  10. Update out now, no Dolby Vision yet.

    The section below provides a list of benefits provided by previous updates and included in the latest System Software Update.

    • Adds support for the Amazon® Alexa™ app that runs on Amazon Echo™ devices
    • Resolves an issue where optical digital sound sometimes stops
    • Resolves an issue where the TV speakers and the sound from the PS4 controller are out of sync
    • Resolves an issue where frame drops occur and the AV is out of sync when playing 4K HDR 60fps content
    • Adds support for the A2DP Bluetooth® profile
    • Adds support for PIP (Picture-in-Picture) while using an app (watch TV in a small window while using an Android TV™ app)
    • Adds support for Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR content via HDMI® and USB/Home network
    • Improves the Settings screen to support changing settings while viewing TV (some exceptions may apply)
    • Adds support for task-switching (switch between previously used apps and the current app by holding down the HOME button on your remote until the task-switching menu appears)
  11. Watched War for the Planet of the Apes last night on UHD blu-ray. When the soldiers come into the waterfall caves in the beginning, there are several WOW HDR/black scenes, flashlights in the dark, green lasers in a pitch black area, pretty cool. And I watch in a completely dark room.

    Still amazed this is an LCD.
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  12. Couldn’t resist anymore. Sitting here waiting for them to load one up. I know what I’ll be doing tonight.
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  13. Your gonna love it, had mines a couple of months, I love it...
  14. wow is all I got to say.
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  15. As a well known LCD "hater", I love the 940E.
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