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Ends July 7th, 2008 - 5th Receiver
SatelliteAV Free Receiver SYSTEM of the Week

Manufacturers:Visionsat / Satellite AV
Models Names: IV-200 / GEOSATpro 90cm / UL1
Receiver type: DVB Satellite Receiver with 90cm Dish, Universal LNBF and install kit!!!
Standard Definition
Documentation: Yes
Blind Scan: Yes
Remote: Yes
Shipping Weight: 6lbs.
Package size for calculating approx. shipping charges: 40" x35" x 9" - $34.77 in continental US.

Everything is BRAND NEW!!!!!

Let's have some fun!



Suggested Retail Price $200.00


Products are listed at suggested retail price.

[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]Complete Fixed Satellite System with PVR Capability

[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]
[/FONT]VisionsatIV200 PVR Plus[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]Retail $145[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]The Visionsat IV 200 PVR Plus is an incredible feature packed FTA (Free to Air) satellite receiver with PVR (Personal Video Recorder) function. Don't be content with just watching TV when you can easily record and share programs! Simply connect your choice of USB 2.0 flash or hard drive to the receiver and have instant recording capability from your satellite receiver. Records over 400 hours of high quality digital satellite television or thousands of hours of satellite radio programming onto a single 500GB external drive. Time shift record so you don't miss a moment of your favorite show if interrupted or program the PVR for automatic unattended recordings. Now features Instant Replay. Perfect for reviewing a controversial referee call or watching that great scene in your favorite movie.[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]Use a PC to burn the programming onto a DVD or CD to archive for future enjoyment or share the programming files with your friends. Enjoy recorded programming on any PC / XBox / or rip the files for viewing on your PMP (Personal Media Player). We recommend an easy to use software application [/FONT]VideoReDo[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif] for editing or formatting.[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]When you first receive your new Visionsat PVR be sure download the latest firmware to get the latest features. Visionsat provides the latest factory firmware on their official web site [/FONT]http://www.inteltechnologyinc.com[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif] to insure that your FTA receiver is always updated with the latest upgrades. Visionsat is commited to providing hobbyists frequent upgrades to boost performance and features of an already outstanding receiver. Channel lists can be quickly created and easily organized with the Visionsat Editor.[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]USB 2.0 Port[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]Updating the receiver firmware or channel list is as simple as connecting the included flash thumb drive to the USB port. The receiver automatically detects the drive and you select what file you wish to up or download. Hobbyists will love the convenience of saving hours of power scanned satellite lists and switch settings for future reference or back-ups.[/FONT]


Universal Remote Control
[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]Visionsat has updated the remote control for the IV 200. The remote can blast the commands to your TV, VCR, DVD player and satellite receiver from across the room or from extreme angles. Features basic functions plus adds the PVR controls. Record, Timer Record, Pause, Fast-Forward, Fast- Reverse, Slow Motion.[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]
GEOSATpro 90cm / 36" Offset Satellite Dish Retail $ 65
[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]Considered among dealers and hobbyist to be one of the best constructed 90cm dishes available. GEOSATpro and Azure Shine have formed a partnership to provide high quality satellite dish products at low competitive prices.[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]Patented rolled reflector edges provide the support necessary to maintain a perfect parabola. The LNBF arm is attached to the elevation bracket and strengthened by two support arms creating the strongest tripod LNBF support structure of any consumer dish available. This exclusive design provides an incredibly strong support for even the largest LNBFs. The sturdy adjustable elevation bracket allows for dish aiming angles from 0 - 90 degrees. An attractive and durable coating of charcoal colored textured poly withstands the elements and will look great for many years![/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]

[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]GEOSATpro 90cm exclusive "easy level" universal wall / roof tripod post makes dish mounting a breeze. No need to carry a level on your install. The bubble spirit level slips into the top of the mast for quick verification that the post is plumb and level. No more hassles with off center foot plates throwing the mast out of plumb. The unique slotted post mounts allow for 360 degree post leveling not like other manufacturer designs which only permit front to back adjustments. Tripod legs can be mounted at any point on the mast to assure a solid and secure mounting in the strongest wind. [/FONT]Click here for specifications

GEOSATpro UL1 Linear LNBF[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]Retail $ 10[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]The UL1 LNBF is the most reliable "off the shelf" LNBF that we have ever carried. Failure rate of less than 1/10th of 1% means less service calls and more enjoyment. Low noise figure of .4 dB and 60 dB gain are combined in this +/-1MHz frequency stable, quality lnb. [/FONT]Click here for specifications


GEOSATpro Installation Kit Retail[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]  [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]Retail $ 20[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]Most systems do not include the parts that are most important for safe and proper equipment installation and operation. The GEOSATpro installation kit includes over 100 feet of quality RG6 coax cables, lag bolts, grounding supplies, cable clips, nylon wire ties, silicone sealant and even a liquid filled compass for dish aiming. You will have all supplies necessary to install and ground a basic roof or wall mounted satellite dish according to National Electrical codes.[/FONT]
Click here for specifications


* Free Gift DiSEqC 4x1 Switch[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]Retail $ 10[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]A 4x1 DiSEqC switch is provided so you can connect additional dishes and LNBs to the satellite receiver. After the receiver is set up to control the DiSEqC switch, the correct satellite dish will be automatically be selected by simply changing the channel. [/FONT]

* Free Gift 64MB USB 2.0 Thumb Drive[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]Retail $ 10[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif]For a limited time, Visionsat is including a starter USB 2.0 Flash Thumb Drive for transferring firmware, channel lists and testing the PVR function.[/FONT]

Visionsat IV 200 PVR Plus
Personal Video Recorder (PVR) Ready via USB 2.0 USB 2.0 Host Support (MP3 Player and JPEG Viewer) MPEG-II Digital / Fully DVB Compliant Blind Scan Multi-LNB Controlled by DiSEqC Control Version 1.0, 1.2 and USALS Multi-Satellite Search Support 7-Day EPG On-Screen Display with 16 bit Color Full Resolution Favorite Channel Groups Powerful Channel Control by Favorites, Lock, Skip, Move and Delete Channel Sorting by PID, Alphabet, Transponder and CAS Multi-language Supported (OSD and Menu) Closed Caption Support (OSD and VBI Insertion) Maximum 5,000 Channels Programmable Multi-Picture Display Zoom Function in Pause Parental Lock / Receiver Lock CVBS Video and Audio Output via RCA Component Y/Pb/Pr Output via RCA S-VHS Video Output Optical and Coaxial Output for Digital Audio Software & Channel Database Upgrade via RS-232 and USB 2 Universal Remote Controls Smart Card Reader
Tuner & Channel Decoder
Input Connector F-type, IEC 169-24, Female Loop through out F-type, IEC 169-24, Female Frequency Range 950MHz ~ 2150MHz Input Impedance 75 ohm, unbalanced Signal Level -65 to -25dBm LNB Power 13/18VDC, max.400mA 22KHz Tone (22±2)KHz, (0.6±0.2)V DISEqC Control V1.0/1.2/USALS Compatible Demodulation QPSK Input Symbol Rate 2 ~ 45 Ms/s FEC Decoder 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 with Constraint Length K=7

MPEG Transport Stream A/V Decoding
Transport Stream MPEG-II ISO/IEC 13818 Profile Level MPEG-II MP@ML Input Rate Max. 15Mbit/s Video Formats 4:3 LetterBox, 4:3 PanScan, 16:9 Video Resolution 720 x 576, 720 x 480 Audio Decoding MPEG/MusiCam Layer I&II Audio Mode Stereo/Joint stereo/Mono Sampling Rate 32KHz, 44.1KHz and 48KHz

Main System
Main Processor Conexant Virgo (32-bit RISC CPU 180 MIPS) Memory Flash-ROM : 2 MBytes
SDRAM : 32 MBytes

Audio/Video and Data IN/OUT
Video CVBS Video Output (RCA)
S-VHS Video Output (Mini-DIN)
Y/Pb/Pr Video Output (RCA) Audio L/R RCA (Volume and Mute Control)
AC-3 Dolby Digital (RCA & Optical) RS-232C 9 pin D-SUB (Male) type, Transfer rate 115Kbps USB USB 2.0 Host Support

RF Modulator
RF Connector IEC 169-24, Female Frequency CH 3 : 61.25MHz
CH 4 : 67.25MHz Output Channel CH 3 / CH 4 TV Standard NTSC-M Preset Channel CH 3 Software changeable by Menu

Front Panel
Slot 1 Smart Card Slot
1 USB Host Slot Buttons 3 Buttons (CH UP/DOWN, STANDBY) Display 7-Segment (Channel No.or Time) Indicators 2 LEDs (STANDBY, REMOTE)

Power Supply
Input Voltage AC 90 ~ 250V, 50/60Hz Type SMPS Power Consumption Max. 20W Standby Power Max. 8W Protection Separate Internal Fuse & Lighting protection

Physical Specification
Size (W x H x D) 260mm X 55mm X 210mm Weight (Net) 1.6Kg Operating Temp. 0°C ~ +45°C Storage Temp. -10°C ~ +70°C
This item consists of the following items


Information and disclaimer:

Every week SatelliteAV will post a receiver to be given away to a SatelliteGuy. The weekly prize will be awarded to a member who has posted to this thread during the previous week. The theme of the current reply will be posted along with the receiver (I.E. Name your Favorite FTA Channel).

The receivers are manufacturing samples that have been provided by a manufacturer for testing or approval. Satellite AV has enough sample receivers to keep this contest going for over a year!

Satellite AV will attempt to provide as much information about the receiver in the posts, but we will not respond to questions regarding the product specifications or provide product support. Please do not PM or request product support from our sales or support team members. Failure to comply with this request could result in the termination of this contest. Please understand that instead of recycling these items, Satellite AV will offer SatelliteGuys hobbyists some pretty interesting stuff that may or may not ever be on the market!

The winner will be responsible for shipping cost and we will ship anywhere on your dime! All packages will be shipped by USPS or FedEx. If the winner wishes not to claim the prize or does not respond to our SatelliteGuys PM notification and provide the payment for postage within 10 days, the prize will be forfeited and the unit will be offered again in a future post.

This contest is open to any SatelliteGuys member in good standing with the exception of Satellite AV staff and members of their families. A random drawing will be made by a member of our staff every Wednesday.

Question of the Week:

While growing up, my most memorable 4th of July was when .......


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Mar 16, 2004
Satsuma, AL
While growing up, my most memorable 4th of July was when we went into town to watch the fireworks, and a bunch of guys jumped out of an airplane (with parachutes) and one of them landed right in front of me!
Gary Z

Gary Z

SatelliteGuys Pro
Jun 27, 2005
Seguin, Texas
While growing up, my most memorable 4th of July was when .......

I took my family to the park to watch the fireworks display... as soon as the first ones went of my two youngest kids became panicked and took off running.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 4, 2004
Northeast Indiana
4th of July

Most most memorable 4th of July was watching the fireworks on the local golf course in the late 70's or early 80's and sparks from the fireworks set the port-a-potty on the golf course into flames. Burned/melted all the way to the base.


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May 18, 2004
Lizella, Georgia Republic
While growing up, my most memorable 4th of July was when..... watching the Atlanta Braves hosting the New York Mets in Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, the Game was delayed a couple of hours plus from a Rain-Delay and continued on and off till after 11pm when the Rain ended for good and the Game played on and on and on and on. All the way till after 5am and after 18 innings when the Mets were finally able to score without the Braves matching them. Don't remember the Finale Score, but the most fascinating point was in the bottom of the 15th, with the Braves down by 2 runs the Pitcher at bat with 2 outs (no more pitchers in the bull-pin, so no point in pinch hitting) and he hit a home Run to tie the game. Then, the same pitcher in the bottom of the 17th inning with 2 outs again, and down by a run, hits a home run to tie the game once more. How long can this go on? Well the Braves pitcher made an error to cause an un-earned run in the top of the 18th, and the Braves were finally through, nothing left... A Great game and a better once in a lifetime experience. But can you imagine the "what the hell's going on" when people headed for work, bright and early on what was now Tuesday Morning and getting to see the 4th of July Fireworks Display over the Stadium at about 5:30am....?
I was actually Grown when this happened, but it was/is my most memorable 4th of July experience... Needless to say, I lived 85 miles South of there and didn't make it to work myself. But it was a day worth missing...! Oh the memories...!!!!!! And something to Brag about too.....

Thanks for taking a Short Vacation Brian, so you could get back to the Generous Contest you provide us well meaning FTA supporters...! The Contest is just another reason to Love FTA..! And We Love FTA, as well as the Contest..! I hope you enjoyed your Vacation, you didn't have to Rush Back..! We would have understood..! Thanks Again Brian..!!!!

Edit: just remembered the pitchers name.... Rick Camp
a most unlikely of unlikelies......!


SatelliteGuys Master
Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
nice prize

Geeez, ya didn't need to up-sell the receiver.
Our review here on the forum was quite favorable, as well ! ;)

Welcome back from your mini-vacation.
I see you are rested and anxious to get back into the thick of it !

Most memorable 4th of July as a kid, huh?
Think I recall playing with sparklers and roman candles about the age of 10.
That would have been in Florida, in our back yard.
Not a lot of fire danger - :cool:

The other two fire-cracker-related things I remember may have been 4th of July related:

One was maybe age 7, in Tennessee.
My Uncle tossed a lit cherry bomb out toward the street, and it bounced off a telephone wire back into the drive way in front of us. - :eek:

Another was when I visited some cousins in Missouri.
We were crossing a small bridge, when one of 'em tossed an M80 in the water.
The plume went higher than our heads.
The bridge must've been 10 feet over the creek, so that was impressive!

That's all I got.


SatelliteGuys Family
Feb 3, 2005
SF Bay Area
I did not grow up in this country so there is no 7/4 memorable moments while growing up. But, a few years ago, while I was driving from Lake Tahoe to Bay area on 7/4 night, I was very impressed with the fireworks put up by many cities along Interstate 5. They did not start at the same time, so every 10 minutes or so I passed by a different city and got to see different fireworks. Many cars parked on the shoulder of the freeway just to watch the show. That was the best night driving experience I ever had.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Jul 16, 2006
North West of St. Louis, MO
My most memorable 4th of July was when I was about eighteen.

I had been drinking a little :eek:, yes I drank a little :eek: until I was 25 and became a Christian.

I had lit a cherry bomb in a beer can with the lid cut off the top in the city park, and the fuse had burned down, but it didn't go off. After waiting a few minutes (I wasn't completely drunk), I walked over to check it out. The fuse was still sticking up so I took a drag on my cigarette to heat it up, and put it to the fuse.

Well, you guessed it, the unprotected fuse went whooosh, and then bloooey! I then had to be taken to the emergency room to have the shrapnel taken out of my leg and get the wound stitched up.

I couldn't hear for about 3 days either. I was very fortunate that my eyes weren't affected, but it is a 4th of July I won't ever forget.

BTW, my kids have never been allowed to play with fireworks of any kind. :)


SatelliteGuys Pro
May 29, 2008
North America
While growing up, my most memorable 4th of July was when we watched the fireworks on TV. LOL. Sorry, I don't have any better memories, although I do remember having roman candle wars with my friends.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Feb 21, 2007
Actually, this was just a topic that was brought up locally...
When I was 8 years old, I remember the local fireworks display being shot over the park at our local community park. I was on a hill talking to some people and had just turned around and begun walking back to our group of friends/family down the hill when a HUGE BOOM went off just up the hill where I'd been. I firework had gotten too low and actually ignited either when it hit the ground or right before it hit. It was one of those "sonic boom" fireworks, and it was quite an explosion for this 8 year old boy.

I believe my family freaked out running to go try to get to me. I really don't remember anything for a few moments afterwards. Everyone was gathering their stuff and scurrying away, and I could see cars lights, and eventually the ambulance. I wasn't injured, except that I couldn't hear anything. I was scared to death and confused because I couldn't hear what was going on. I'd never "heard" such silence before, and the running and confusion around me had me wondering what was happening. I eventually started hearing again. I'm not sure how long it took :/ BUT, there was a girl in the group that I was visiting with that was less fortunate. She was directly hit by the blast, and died later in the hospital.

We didn't have a fireworks display in our town for many years after that. And when we did start having them again, we had them at our local racetrack where everyone could sit under an enclosed area and watch. I really haven't ever cared for fireworks since then... not that I am scared (at least not anymore), it's just one of those things that you don't enjoy so much after something like that has happened to you.

I still have great fun on the 4th though - getting together with family, BBQ'ing more meat than can fit in the trunk of our car, going to parades and celebrating with family and friends... just no fireworks ;)


SatelliteGuys Pro
Oct 7, 2007
Near Chicago
While growing up, my most memorable 4th of July was when .......
When I was 33 and my son was 6 and my daughter was 2. We drove over to my parents house in Downers Grove and parked the car there. Had a backyard BBQ(Granma made tiny hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids) and all walked over to main street. Parked our lawn chairs under a shady Elm tree and watched the parade. First the fire trucks from three nearby communities. Then the Shriners in the little cars and motorcycles. Then all the antique cars followed by the floats and candy and stuff thrown to the kids.

Back to the house for the ice cold watermelon.

Off to the Dispensa and sons Carnival with cotton candy, the Farris Wheel and tilt-a-Whirl. at 9 pm the fireworks started and all the blankets were spread to sit on. ooooh awhaaa bang and flash the smell of gunpowder and sparkling embers floating down on us.

Only in USA! God it's great!


SatelliteGuys Pro
Jan 13, 2007
South Carolina
My most memorable 4th of July was when we went to DC and camped out on the lawn at the National Mall to watch the fireworks.

Boy, it was hot, but the fireworks were unbelievable!!!


Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
growing up the only thing we did was drive into town to see the fireworks...until recently most fireworks in MN were illegal

but now the memorable ones are the 4th of July at the cabin. Where we are located, there are no less than 5 fireworks displays that we can see around the lake. Just fun days of boating, fishing and then at night fire up the cooker for some deep fried turkey (burgers & dogs on 4th of July is for lunch..the turkey for dinner) :) and then watch the fireworks

Too bad this year I'll miss it. My cousin turns 3 and his party is that Saturday (and I'm his godfather) so I have to go to that (no I can't do both as the cabin is 2 1/2 hours north and my uncles is 3 hours NW)


SatelliteGuys Pro
Jan 5, 2006
Chicago suburbs.
My most memorable 4th of July was back in 1976 when I went with my Dad to the fireworks display at the local High School in Berwyn , Illinois .......

I don't know if there was wind behind what happened but the grande finale was followed by alot of debris that was still burning as it fell to the ground ... I still remember that we were running away from the debris as the ashes and sparks were literally on our heels.

Last years 4th of July is the most touching to me , as it was the last 4th I spent with my Grandmother who was just shy of 94 at the time ...... we just sat together watching the Fireworks display at the taste of Lombard.............................................................. priceless.


SatelliteGuys Family
Jun 11, 2008
Eugene, OR
While growing up, my most memorable 4th of July was when .......

I got some explosive fireworks from a friend (Oregon doesn't allow them, but Idaho does, so they made the 70 mile trip to get them). I fired off some bottle rockets, tried a two stage one (taped together, didn't work too well), then my cousin showed me how to put a firecracker in a coffee can upside down in a water dish. I thought, "oh boy, this should go up like 2 feet". We lit it and the sucker went WAY up in the air! Had to try it several times again!



Crazed Cajun Rebel
Jan 7, 2007
While growing up, my most memorable 4th of July...

About 1978 or so, my Dad was called upon to boil 16 sacks of crawfish by a next door neighbor, he bought everything, crawfish, beer, propane for the boilers. We had about 75 people at our house, it was a blowout of blowouts! They had so many crawfish they had to wash them in a flat-bottomed aluminum boat to make it go faster. :up

I'll never forget that as long as I live. :up


Pub Member / Supporter
Dec 29, 2007
Denver, Colorado
My most memorable 4th of July has to be the year that we were down at a small lake in Missouri camping. We took the boat over to watch the fireworks. Shortly after they started though, one misfired and shot into the area where they were storing the ones waiting to be launched. It was one heck of a display for a few minutes but it did cut the show quite short.


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Staff member
Apr 3, 2005
Central Michigan
While growing up, my most memorable 4th of July was when ....... fireworks set my families blanket on fire :eek:
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