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Aug 25, 2005
Lyngsat list The Tube as being at AMC 3 87W C-Band 4036 MHz. I have the dish pointed correctly and know I'm on the right satellite. With the Traxis 3500 I can program a new version of AMC 3 for C-Band and scan for transponders. Or I can manually enter a transponder and then scan it.

In both cases I find The Tube as a program but only get video. Per the Lyngsat listing I manually change the SR to 3679 as the auto scan comes up with something slightly lower (3676 I believe). The auto scanning reveals the Video at 308 and the audio at 257; yet no audio. Before anyone asks; No it is not an audio output/input problem as I get the TVU and SPIRIT feeds with audio. On other unnamed feeds I get 1KHz tones and other audio signals. When on The Tube feed I can hit the AUDIO button on the remote and it shows 1/1 eng as available audio channels. I can change between LEFT RIGHT MONO and STEREO. Still no audio. Is the audio value on Lynsat wrong? It is the same value I get when I scan the TP.

This same problem is plauging me on the PBS channels on this same satellite on the Ku side. Stranger still is I found things not listed on Lyngsat with audio just fine.
The audio is in AC-3. You need a Stereo Receiver that decodes AC-3 audio. The Traxis will pass it through (I think), but it will not decode it. You will need a stereo receiver that has an input for coaxual or optical (TOSLINK) audio to decode the AC-3 audio. The Traxis needs to have an optical or coaxual audio output, and I think it does (I don't have the Traxis), but don't really know?
The AC-3 is actually at Audio PID 36. It used to work on both, including the Audio PID 257 (regular Stereo) you've mentioned above. I think they discontinued the regular audio at 257.
That is also your problem with the PBS channels on the ku side. Those channels are in AC-3 audio only.

So I need an "Extigy"?

Hmm, ... I'm about to assemble my motorized system I just received from Sadoun.

I'm reading a lot about how PBS will not come through (the audio, that is).

I'm pretty new at this; I read posts suggesting an "Extigy" device.

My computer, has however, that Audigy Platinum EX installed, and I think it has some inputs called "optical" .. whatever that means.

There are those unusual connectors on its external box; perhaps they can be empolyed to allow PBS audio to be heard, would anyone know?

Otherwise, my Fortec Classic cannot, by itself, decode AC-3, can it?

Thanks everyone,

None of the receivers can decode AC-3 audio, some (but not all) can pass AC-3 audio through to a device that will decode it, such as a capable AV receiver or a computer with the proper codecs. And I've heard/read the Extigy will work, but I can't personally verify that it will. Good Luck!

pass-through ,,, yes, my receiver does have it:

Oh yes, correct, ... I see now, that my receiver does, in fact, feature a "pass-through" for AC-3.

I suppose I simply ran the audio cable(s) from there to eother an Extigy or my PC Creative Labs set-up?

oh, I'll try that out.

Dumb newbie question: Then when I have watched PBS on my TV, on say, broadcast from a local station, that my old, funky, bent TV antenna can pick up, why am I able to happily "hear" the audio all these years?


Because your TV (if digital) or a DBS Set top box decodes and down-converts the AC-3 to 2-ch stereo. If analog they already down'converted it before tranmitting.

For some reason (likely cost) this isn't important to the FTA box buildiers.
odd omission ...

... Hmm, ... curious omission on their part ... kinda' like offering the "new" car on the showroom floor ... but it doesn't come with any moveable windows ...

yeah, you can still drive the thing, but geez, not very convenient ..

Oh well, hopefully my audigy inputs will suffice.

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