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Oct 12, 2004
Ok...I just got my Direct TV bill and they are charging me 200 dollars for a DVR upgrade fee because I didnt return a receiver that died, but it was a receiver that i OWNED...

Here is my story....My TIVO died of 2 years died last month, this is WAY before the lease program. I called Direct tv and spoke to the retention department and they said that they would send me a new leased DVR. I was ok with that, but they said i would have to return my old TIVO...I told them that i bought this years before the lease program, they said ok. Now, I get my bill and there is a 200 charge, i called direct and they said that managment has to look at it and get back to me within 5 days. I wanted to keep the old TIVO and try to fix the hard drive and get it back online. The R15 is ok, but i loved the TIVO.

Now, what if they want it back, just send it back?? or keep fighting??

If D* replaced the TiVo with a refurbished TiVo I believe you would need to return the dead TiVo. You replaced the TiVo with a R15 leased receiver, this should have cost $99 as an upgrade so they are probably justified in charging you for not returning the old TiVo. The twist is the CSR offered it free but did they note your account?
if you were to guess the answer to that question...NO, they did not note the account, but that is par for the course for most customer services. Im waiting for a call back from someone in management...well, so they say...
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