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Jan 21, 2004
Hey everyone,

Thought this might be of interest. Yesterday, (FEB/1/04) I received a marketing survey call asking if I was interested in (or knew anything about) HD programing. So I said yes. The guy first asked if I had an HD set, and again I said yes, I have 2. He than asked about where I got my programing, I said Time Warner cable. After a couple more questions he asked if I had heard about VOOM. All the questions from there on were VOOM related. Now, I don't have Voom yet, but I have been monitoring this site for a good while learning from all of you who have kindly been willing to share your experiences with the rest of us.

Most of the questions I was asked directly reflected on many of the issues and problems that have been seen on this site.

Just some of the Questions:

Are you waiting for the price to drop before ordering Voom?

Have you seen the voom display at any local retailers, and how important is it that you can see the product displayed before you order? (There were a few questions related to retail displays of VOOM and the quality of the display i saw. All I could say was SEARS sucked.)

What price would you be willing to pay for this service?

How important are these channels(ESPN,HBO,CNN), to you in your decision?

Are you waiting to see what the other providers are going to offer before ordering?

What are you currently paying for the HD service that you have?

How many HD channels do you have now?

How important is it to you that you receive your local channels with your service.

How many premium channels do you currently have?

There were a number of other more mundane HD questions, and no questions at all about DVR's. They must have asked me at least four times
if I had a hd set. The most interesting thing to me about the survey was that it seemed to be written for people who have no idea that HD even exist.

It does seem that maybe VOOM is starting rethink how they have structured themselves so far.

I'm still planning on getting VOOM soon, but I'd still like to thank every one here again for sharing your Voom Experiances.


Jan 27, 2004
I was also called yesterday (2/1) for the survey.

Most of the questions did not make sense for me because I already subscribe to Voom ("Are you waiting for the price to drop?"

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