VOOM Programming Highlights of what we've seen and what's to come

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Sep 8, 2003
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This was the programming highlights that were give to all reporters at the 10/15/03 VOOM Launch Press Conference. There are still programs or events that we have not seen. I will highlight those in Red that I remember not seeing yet.

HD Cinema:

Programming Highlights for HD Cinema:


The Bounty, Rocky V, Salvador, the Man Who Would be King, The Terminator, The Three Musketeers, The Four Muskeeteers.


The Bad and the Beautiful, Father of the Bride, Designing Woman, Lassie Come Home, The Prince and the Showgirl, the Crimson Pirate, The Days of Wine and Roses, Love in the Afternoon, The Spirit of St. Louis, Reflections in a Golden Eye.


Breathless, The Long Goodbye, Rush, State of Grace, Blood Simple, I Confess, The Usual Suspects, Prince of the City


The Russia House, the Little Drummer Girl.


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Easy Money, Broadway Danny Rose and a Midsummer Night'Sex Comedy, Shadows and Fog and Zelig, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Mr. Mom, Benny and Joon, Oh God!


The Indian Runner, Lord of the Flies, Star 80, Alice doesn't live here anymore, clean and sober, the man with the golden arm, Ryan's Daughter, Six Degree of Separation, Thelma and Louise


The Fantastiks, Hair, High Society, It's always fair weather, man of la Mancha, A chorus line.


Back to Bataan, Battle of the Bulge, Under Fire


The Battle of the Cable Hogue, the Left Handed Gun, the Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, Cimarron, For a few dollars more, the good the bad and the ugly.

Blacula, cleopatra jones and the casino of Gold, Coffy, Foxy Brown, Hammer, Whatever happened to baby jane, one million years, b.c., listen up: the lives of quincy jones, thelonius monk: straight no chaser.

Director's cut:

A clockwork orange, eat drink man woman, europa europa, live flesh, persona, the sheltering sky, day for night, dead ringers, roma and Satyricon.

Monster HD:

Programming Highligth for Monster HD:

Night of the living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Dead Alive, Evil Dead, Army of Darkness

Modern Madmen and Maniacs:

Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1 and 2, Wes Craven's the Hills Have Eyes, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th

Original Movies/Network Television Premieres:

Pinata: survival island, the shaft

Aliens and Sci-Fi Fright Films:

War of the Worlds, the Terminator, Species

Giant Monsters:

King Kong, Godzilla, Rodan, War of the Gargantuas, Frankenstein conquers the world, Gamera, Gappa, Mighty perking man

Werewolves and Vampires:

An American Werewolf in London, Dracula, Countess Dracula, The Vampire Lovers, Vamp

Exploitation and Drive-in Favorites from the 50, 60, and 70:

War fo the colossal beast, the she creature, I was a teenage werewolf, I was a teenage Frankstein, invasion of the saucer men, it conquered the world, the raven, the pit and the pendulum, blacula, the abominable dr. phibes, the land that time forgot, the amitiville horror.

World Sport HD

Programming Highlight:

World Sport Soccer: Exclusive coverage to 50 of the best games for the Spanish Premiere League

Hard Water: A 26 week serie showcasing the most exciting water and wind sports from the world's most exotic locales.

College Football DIAA All Star Classic

Japanese World Series: Japanese baseball classic.

Nancy Kerrigan Invitational: Skating and winter sports

Hidden Treasures: Golf's Hidden Treasures

World Class Track and Field: Top athletes compete and prepare fro the 2004 Olympics.

Rush HD:

Programming Highlights:

Drive--documentary chronicles legendary skateboarder Mike Valleys. His cross-country oddyssey as he explores the people, place and issues defining skateboarding and youth culture today.

Pororoca--Surfing in the Amazon. Capture the awe-inspiring sights and sounds of the Amazon River and its fabled Pororoca. Viewers have a first peak at this event from the perpectives of Helicopters, Jet skis and state of the art technology.

Red Bull Cliff Diving Championship--Life on the edge. The world's best cliff divers converge in Hawaii.

Reunion Island-- A world-class whitewater team travels to this remote island of the coast of Madgascar in search of canyons, waterfalls and ocean surf.

Exploring the Middle Kingdom--Two of the world's best kayakers take on China's most challenging waters, including the Three Gorges River.

Wings--World's most skilled skydivers and para-gliders fly the skies over Lake Erie.

Air and Waves--An intense and breathtaking look at elite surfing and skydiving.

Rave HD:

Programming Highlights:

YES--Symphonic Live in Amsterdam: Three decades of timeless hits with an accompanying symphony.

THE JAMMY'S--celebration of Live music from the Roseland Ballroom in New York City

COUNTING GROWS--Live: multi-platinum artists perform from the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam

TOM PETTY-the last DJ: live from the tour of their colorful, unique brand of rock and roll.

BRANFORD MARSALIS--Award wining jazz saxophonist live in concert.

BEYONCE--friends and family: with Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Tyrese and many more.

SHERYL CROW--Multi Grammy award winner performs her hook-infectious rock and roll live.

Marilyn Manson, Beautiful People
The Cure, Fascinating Street
Jason Mraz, You and Me Both
Ringo Starr, Never Without YOu-tribute soing to George Harrison
Clint Black, spend My Time - new single
Roscoe, Smooth Sailing - New, young rapper's smooth debut
The Distillers, Drain the Blood-dark new video
Buddy Jewell, Sweet Southern Comfort-tender tough country star's new video
Rodney Crowell, Earthbound-country star's acclaimed new single

ON SET WITH: Clint Bank, Uncle Kracker, Monica, Buddy Jewell, Iggy Pop, Jewel


Programming Highlights:


NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: complete coverage of nearly 100 runway shows from New York's semi annual fashion week, staged under the tents in Bryant Park. Shows preview the fashion trends for spring 2004, featuring the work of Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta and many others (First comprehensive coverage of Fashion Week originated in High Definition).

LONDON,MILAN PARIS: major runway shows that will define the loor for spring 2004.

HAUTE COUTURE SUNDAY: Special coverage of the haute couture fashion shows from Paris, scheduled all day long on Sundays.

ULTRA EYE: Original series profiles global style capitals, finding the most compelling architecture, interior design, fashion-forward food and lodging and artist endeavors that define the city's sense of style.

ULTRA EYE MIAMI: Series premiere explores the extraordinary Spa Internazionale, where celebrities love the privacy and luxury; the interior design of Barbara Hulanicki, who is credited with igniting the stylish re-emergence of the South Beach Art Deco Distric; Barton G, the new restaurant that takes the presentation of food to the level of performance art; and Aqua, a new residential community developed on its own island.

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: Original series takes viewers inside 'foodworthy' new restaurants to meet the chefs and sample the cuisine. Hosted by food authorities Jacqui Malouf and Ed Levine.

ULTRA SPACE: Original series explores innovative residential spaces designed to speak to the tastes of a modern world. Each half hour episode features three home and garden tours, hosted by fashion and decor journalist Melissa Barret Rhodes.


Programming Hightlight:

First look previews exciting new shows premiering this fall on Treasure including: On the Block, Magnificent Obsessions,Treasure Seekers and Extreme Treasure. Hosted by Jacqui Malouf, this energetic hour profiles the personalities behind the world's finest collections of Disney memorabilia and Black Americana, previews and astonishing auction of American Indian art and artifacts and locates the pistol owned by the man who killed Bonnie and Clyde.


Programming Highlights

SHORT FILM FEST: Ongoing strip celebrates animation with a showcase of the best animated shorts from around the world. Featuring the entire spectrum of styles, formats, and genres.

CLASSIC SERIES: Timeless favorites, ground-breaking animation, cartoon styles and characters from all eras come alive in HD.

VIDEO GAME-TOONS: Video games feature their own unique and compelling styles of animation, showcased in previews of new games, animated narratives compiled from popular games, along with demonstrations and tips for playing.

CUTTING EDGE: Newest animated series in 2D, 3D and computer generated state of the art graphic.


Programming Highlights

NEWS HEADLINES: updated every hour.

EVERGREEN NEWS FEATURES: from reporter/photographer teams in five regional bureaus across the country.

HD PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAYS: From top videographers selected by the National Press Photography Association.

BUSINESS NEWS: updates, including state of the art animation and graphics delivering real-time market coverage.

SPORTSWRAP: with highlights of games televised in HD across the country.

NATIONAL AND REGIONAL WEATHER: Current temps, forecasts, satellites and radar display and HD tours of weather "hot spots".


Programming Highlights

Motions videos are compositions of video art set to music. Themes are interpreted by video artists in 2-10 minute productions, drawn from abstracts and real world imagery. Unlike any other television channel, this is a high definition visual and audio experience that creates a setting-as art having on the wall-rather than serving as an entertainment destination.

TEXTURE: close up photography reveals the striking colors, complex patterns, startling structures that go unseen around us every day.

GRAPHIC LOOPS: Fantastic worlds are created by manipulating light, form, liquid and color in infinite and compelling arrangements. "Flashlike" animations respond to the music played under them, creating a distinctively techno experience.

ENJOY THE VIEW: High resolution satellite photography adn aerial views from across and above the globe.

OUT OF THIS WORLD: Virtual worlds in two or three dimensions are created by artists using state of the art computers.

FACE 2 FACE: the steady eye of the camera taps the power of human faces, examining up close the lines, the worry, wonder, fear, longing, regret, pride, and joy playing across them.

FIELD TRIP: Explore wide ranging destinations with the primacy of being there as you see what the camera sees, hear what its microphones hear. Each "field trip" is a single steadicam tour of a big city, a small town, a forest or garden in walks, through exotic urban and rural locales around the globe.

Gallery HD

Programming Highlights

Gallery HD begins a worldwide tour of the finest art collections with the October premiere of its 12 episode original series designed to bring the finest art, and the stories behind the works, home to viewers in stunning high definition. First stop is London and an exploration of two of the continent's signature collections.

POWER ART: THE TATE MODERN--Take a sweeping look at exhibits that range from the Impressionists to living Conceptual artists, all housed in stunning new building crafted from a former power plant.

CULTURE CLASH: THE SAATCHI GALLERY--Examine Charles Saatchi's personal art collection, now housed in an important public gallery on London's South Bank. Guaranteed to provoke the viewer, this program will delve into one of the world's most controversial collections of contemporary art. Gallery also premieres a couple of documentaries which explore two of the most intriguing characters of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist movement.

MARY CASSATT: A BRUSH WITH INDEPENDENCE--profiles the American painter who broke artistic and social barriers to become an influential member of the French Impressionist movement.

VAN GOGH'S VAN GOGHS--Documents the triumphs and tragedies of Van Gogh, brought to life through his paintings and the letters he wrote to his brother, Theo.


Programming Highlights

STORIES: TIMELESS FILMS--The Bostonians, Pinic at Hanging Rock, The Madness of King George, Another Country, The Draughtsman's Contract.

MANIA: PERFORMING ARTS-- Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars, Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight, Robbie Williams Live at Albert Hall.

HABIT:NIGHTLY SERIES--Middlemarch, House of Cards.

WORLD: GLOBAL FILMS--Cousin Cousine, the Official Story, Cyrano De Bergerac.

PULP: INDIE FILMS--The Plumber, The Hawk, The Good Father, Late Night Shopping.
This is the programming that VOOM revealed back in 11/03 at launch conference. They have pretty much have covered everything or there are a few things that have not yet shown up on VOOM. It is good to look back.

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