What is on Directv's 110 satellite

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  1. I know Directv owns 3 transponders there and will never give them up just to spite Dish.

    What programming is on this satellite?

    I think it's just a test pattern to keep the licenses active. Why does Directv not use it? Almost everyone who has access to 119, can get 110.
  3. I belive the only thing currently active on it is mpeg 4 sd programming to Purto Rico on the CONUS Purto Rican beams. It's national stuff like espn.
  4. I thought it had next to nothing on it .. as they were trying to get the most from the Sats in a smaller radius (99, 101 and 103) being much closer together making everything easier to dial in.

    Yes, if you can get the 101 and the 119 you should also be able to get the 110.
    Theres not much on the 119 anymore either ... some SD locals, and music. (in the US)
  5. 110W (Sat. D5, aka "Tempo 1") formally supplied almost 30 MPEG-2 SD duplicates from 101W to Puerto Rico subscribers.

    And with the latest changes to DIRECTV uplink feeds, it now supplies only 8 MPEG-2 SD duplicate channels. But supplying programming to PR is not the primary purpose of 110W.

    The problem is PR subs. cannot receive any downlink signals from 101W for program guide, FW updates, receiver authorizations, etc., since the satellite CONUS Ku transmit beams from D9S, D4S, and D8 there, cannot cover the US, AK, and HI. and reach the PR at the same time. So the sat. at 110W was reoriented a few years ago to place its CONUS beam peak over PR and performs those tasks for the subs there.

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  6. IOW, the SL-5 ODUs in PR only receive DIRECTV service from 99, 103, and 110W.

    And everyone else in the CONUS, AK, and HI, from 99, 101, 103, and 119W (if necessary).

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  7. That's interesting .... 99 and 103 but not 101 ....
  8. Correct ...

    110W does for PR receivers what 101W does for everyone else ....

    Guide data, firmware updates, receiver activations and authorizations, etc. in addition to MPEG-2 SD programming ...

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  9. That's good info. Thank you. :)
  10. To clarify earlier comments about the 119 use: If this was a Spanish website, we would all have 5 LNB dishes as virtually the entire US Spanish package is on 119W. I have Directv Deportes and can see all of the channels in the 400s that are on 119W. There are even HD channels on 119W (ch 408, ch 466, 467).
  11. Jimbo - there's ,lots of stuff on 119, if you have the ethnic package...
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  12. I forgot about all of the Asian channels in the 2000s that you can see on the 119, too. The former CCTV News (now CGTN) is available in most English packages with access to the 119, channel 2119.
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  13. Oh thats right ....

    I was thinking of the 110, I didn't think much was going on on that Sat.
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