Will my Directv 18" dish work with any FTA reciever

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Dec 2, 2004
Hi I am thinking about buying an FTA receiver. I presently have DirecTV service with an old 18" round dish. If I purchase a FTA receiver and connect it to my present dish do you think I might be able to view any feeds to see if the receiver will work? and will the FTA receivers work with old SD analog TV's? instead of HD TV?. Any additional input would be a great help. Thanks from a clueless newbie. Joe


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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
getting started:

I believe your old single LNB DirecTV dish is currently pointed at 101° .
Don't think you 'll get anything with an FTA receiver on that bird, with the circular LNB on your dish.

If you can repoint the dish to 119° , then you could get NASA and Angle One (a religious channel), as well as a few barker channels from Dish Network which are not encrypted.
If that is sufficient to get you into the hobby, then that'd be great.

For something more serious, I'd recommend a 36" dish, equipped with a linear LNB (not circular).
They are generally marked Universal or Standard, in the adverts.
Standard would be a little easier to use, but if you find Universals, they will work fine as well.

Here's a good beginner's list for what's on the various Ku-band birds.
And as to how to aim a dish at any satellite, here is one of the better web sites.

Yea, all the standard def DVB FTA receivers have composite video out (yellow RCA plug).
That should hook to most any analog TV with a video input.
Many SD FTA receivers also have S-video output, and some even have Component out.
It's common to find optical or coaxial Digital audio out, which you would hook to your hi-fi for Dolby decoding.
And of course, they all have the usual red/white RCA audio outputs, too.

Tell us what sort of programming you like, any restrictions on hardware (height, size, location, cost) you might have, etc, and we'll try to tailor the best answers for you.
Also, we can recommend for and against some receivers, so run that by the guys here before you spend your money.

Welcome aboard! - :D


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Jan 6, 2009
Try The Freecycle Network to help you find free stuff. I posted a 'WANT' ad on there yesterday and I already have been given 2 dishes that work perfect for FTA. Ebay is also a good place to look.

Read, read, read the FTA FAQ section. They help a ton! Ask as many questions as you need to on here; there are a lot of really helpful people on this forum.

Good luck!
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