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May 5, 2007
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With the 'we know what's best for you' mentality of Apple, four thunderbolt ports on their most expensive (over priced) laptop is all you peasants get.
Don't confuse the term "peasants" with what Apple likes to think of as "the faithful". Peasant carries with it a mark of poor and uneducated and while Apple seems to attract an unfortunately large share of that market on bling factor, I think they're really after someone else.


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Dec 5, 2014
Peasants is how Apple views their sheep, maybe not in a financial sense, but in a more societal sense. They know the loyal flock will never consider anything else so they treat them as peasants who are grateful and bow down (well bend over actually) for every scrap they get and every time they release the most minor of refreshes so they can willing handover a large amount of money to the company that completes their existence. Apple knows those people will buy whatever garbage they put out because they know their loyal flock will feel like they have no other choice, because after all, if it doesn't have a shiny fruit on the back, it doesn't exist. Apple has a subservient user base, so they can get away with disrespecting them and the users will just say 'Thank you, may I have another'.

'Great looking'? Really??? It's a computer, who cares what it looks like, as long as it gets the job done. Despite the mentality Apple tries to force down peoples throats, desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, etc are tools, not fashion accessories. If I was petty enough to care about the looks of electronics, I would prefer the design of Panasonic Toughbooks and Toughpads, versus the anorexic look Apple specializes in.

Usable battery life is simple to achieve. It's called having removable batteries, but we can't have that can we? Having fixed, non-upgradable/non-user serviceable hardware is all about one thing. Turning that $1500 - $2000+ laptop into a commodity item. But again, with Dell and HP you have at least 7 product lines, with many configurations and options. Instead of two product lines, with very little options. Don't like that the XPS or Spectre have limited ports and you can't upgrade the RAM (not sure if you can or not, just using those as examples), get a Latitude or Probook.

In a way I guess I am experiencing the Apple influence. The disappearance the real docking stations and moving toward those horrific thunderboldt docks, just so real laptops can be .001 mm thinner. Yippie.

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