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Dec 15, 2005
Well, as i have mentioned, I replaced my 8 yr old 4DTV 920 today with a 922. I hooked up the digital sound coax to my Pioneer Elite receiver.

After a day of programming sats and tweaking, and replacing the battery in the 920, I decided to relax and play with the setup from the couch...Then I discovered the sound options on the 922 and set them to Hi-fi and Dolby Digital......all I can say is wow! That was worth the upgrade itself! (subscribed to Starz Digital)...I never read the manuals...more fun learning on the go!

Running a Pioneer Elite 72tx, Pioneer Elite DV59 DVD, Mirage 5.1 omnipolar speakers and an HP 42" plasma all powered through a Panamax 5100 AC regenerating power conditioner....BLISSFULL! Now this is what satellite is supposed to be...can't wait to add my Viewsat extreme next week! The Panamax AC regen makes a ton of difference in both sound and picture, eliminating the AC noise and keeping the voltage at a constant 120V! I would never have believed the difference over the mid end monster stuff. The store loaned me one to try before I bought it.

Sorry for the flood of messages, but my exuberance runeth over. been into C-band since 1976 and now I am able to really appreciate it!
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