Your Immediate Action Needed to Retain FTA Broadcaster (1 Viewer)

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Sep 3, 2004
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Family Friendly Entertainment (formerly Gospel Music Television Network) has just removed the FFE channel from AMC4 KU. The channel has experienced many challenges while on AMC 4 with unreliable fiber links, uplink issues and poor reception due to being on a weaker transponder. Basically, FFE is tired of the problems that they associate with Direct To Home FTA service on KU Band. They are considering launching a more reliable service on Galaxy 19 KU, but unsure if they have KU band FTA viewers to warrant the move.

Now is the call to action..... Please immediately contact Jimmy Jones at FFE 1.800.665.2334 and speak with a representative, leave a voice mail or fill out the Viewer Survey form at Family Friendly Entertainment Inc. Let Jimmy Jones and FFE know that they have FTA viewers and that you are looking forward to the channel being moved to G19 KU.

FFE is committed to remaining on C-Band for the cable head ends, but without Satellite Guys immediate input, we currently stand to lose another KU Band FTA channel.

Thanks for considering taking a few minutes to keep DTH FTA alive and growing!


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Jan 24, 2009
If the current tide keeps going, it looks like I will have to replace my FortecStar 31" KU Band Dish with a 6 Ft Prime Focus dish with a C/KU LNB.


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Dec 5, 2007
I filled out the survey. I hope they decide to remain on KU band. I really enjoyed the Carroll Roberson show each week.
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