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    GEOSATPro Multi LNBF Mount

    Could the GEOSat Pro SPLL2 LNB be a problem with spacing on the new SES3 Satellite.
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    NBC 103

    With the new SES3 satellite would people who have 90CM Satellite dishes still have problems or no.
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    GEOSATPro Multi LNBF Mount

    I have tried with and without the LNBF holder and could not get nothing but i could get 103W on it's own. Would this mount work on the newer GEOSATPro 90CM dish mine is the older Azure Shine from Pansat.
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    Farewell Tele-audiovision / Tele-Satelite

    I can say that it is one of the best magazine's for satellites that i have ever seen in my lifetime.
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    Pictures of my setup

    Very nice setup.
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    GEOSATPro Multi LNBF Mount

    If anyone is wondering what it looks like i have some pictures to go with this thread and i you can get it for for less than $25.00 and most FTA Satellite online retailers.
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    GEOSATPro Multi LNBF Mount

    Fred555 and K4Est, this is not the all plastic mount this is the one that is metal with 2 LNBF Holders. i will post a copy of the .PDF file and can anyone tell me if this is exclusive only with the GEOSATPro/Glorystar dish. My dish is the old Pansat/AzureShine deal and do i have to buy a new dish.
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    GEOSATPro Multi LNBF Mount

    I Bought a GEOSATPro Multi LNBF Mount and i was wondering on how to mount it because the instructions that came with it is very vauge. Do you bend the mount or drill to mount it and i have two of the and want to do a four satellite setup and does any one have pictures with this product mounted...
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    New here, looking for equipment to buy

    If you are looking for FTA check out Mike Kohls Global CM and hypermegasat and Brian Gohls other sites such as glorystar and satellite AV.
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    90 CM multi feed setup

    KU only and want to do three rooms with the GEOSATpro 1200HDVR. Just want to get 87W, 93.1W, 97W, and 103W.
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    SES 2 @ 87 W

    LPB would come in and out with 65-70% for signal but the other TP's on SES 2 87W were fine.
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    90 CM multi feed setup

    Wescopc, I have done the motor setup from day one since i have been doing FTA Satelllite and i want to do 3 rooms with four satellite and i am shocked that you cannot do 2 degrees apart for FTA Satellite could i do 72W, 89W, 97W, and 103W. I do know that 103W has the odd ball Skew problem.
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    90 CM multi feed setup

    I have the same problem that most people here in this thread have is that i live in a apartment and want to do 4 sats and 3 rooms with 95W, 97W,99W and 103W. But i think that it can be done.
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    90 CM multi feed setup

    I don't get on here often and was wondering on how may LNB'S can i put on a 90 CM dish any thoughts and pictures.
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    ABC Omaha 89w KU

    I have noticed that it comes and goes from time to time.