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    General Hospital

    I cannot believe the ratings above! How is Days better than GH? I watch both now that OLTL and ATWT are gone. GH is soooo much better than it was a year ago. Maybe because of the addition of Starr, JMB, and Todd, but I tried watching a year ago and I couldn't stand all the mob crap. Somehow...
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    morgan murphy media (WKBT, WISC, KXLY, KVEW) and dish network in dispute.

    Just fire that overrated Martha Koloski on WKBT and there wouldn't be a dispute! That's the only good thing about this whole thing, I don't have to see her at noon, lol
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    so, here all along I've been in the silver package, just to get FX and Bravo, and they are charging me more for this anyway? I was under the assumption that Fox wanted more money, when in fact, they are fine with the money, just not the whereabouts of their channels. Now I'm more than ticked off
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    I honestly don't want anything free, I want my Sons of Anarchy and Rescue Me back. This stinks, but I guess I'll just hook up the DSL to the HDTV and watch it that way. Then, we may move, and say the hell with Dish once and for all.
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    PPV Ads Now on My Guide?

    Thanks for the info on this, I was getting p o at that ad taking up space on my guide.
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    No service-Meteor shower interference?

    I haven't had anything since around 11:30 p.m tonite, and was wondering if the meteor shower has anything to do with it. ???I rebooted the 622 and it still has nothing showing other than 'aquiring satellite signal' progress stays at '0'
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    Big Brother 11

    that may be, but he sure gives himself away in how he acts physically. After his crap last nite, I don't care much for the little weasel. I really wanted Michelle to win HOH. Get rid of Jessie, Lydia, and Russell, and I will be happy.:D
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    Big Brother 11

    I am so ticked off, why oh why did that dolt have to come back in the house? why anyone, for that matter? its so much better when they don't bring someone back in the house, if they do, its just for a competition. I hated Jesse last year, and still feel the same. Ms. Grodner, you need to go back...
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    Harper's Island

    Yes, I was yelling at my tv, come on, shoot him, then they would miss and I would yell some more. I admit I cried when Cal and Chloe died, they were my favorite couple. This show sure gets under your skin. Can't wait for the finale, and I hope Abby is the one that kills Wakefield. I also think...
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    Pixellating only on ABC

    I am in between Eau Claire and LaCrosse. And I don't have OTA set up, just thru Dish. CBS, NBC, and FOX are fine, its very rare and weather related if one of those do that. I believe my channel is WXOW too.
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    Pixellating only on ABC

    I occasionally have this problem with my HD channels due to weather, but every single time I watch a favorite program on ABC, I get green pixellation at some point in the program. None of the other OTA channels do this. I was wondering what causes this, and if anyone else has noticed this? It...
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    Broadband Connection Problem

    I get that message too, but when I go into System setup and then diagnostics, it says broadband connected. So I assume its ok for me. Must be some goof up on dish's end.
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    Broadcast Networks Programming Discussion Thread

    Grey's is a repeat, what a bummer!
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    Broadcast Networks Programming Discussion Thread

    I was pissed Private Practice was not on, I checked my guide two days ago and it was set to record. And Criminal Minds was really a weird one last nite. Tonite, its Survivor, and the second part of the 'Grey's Event'. Also recording the Packers/Cowboys game. Go Pack!
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    Broadcast Networks Programming Discussion Thread

    Criminal Minds, Private Practice