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    Regional Sports Fee

    I just noticed my new bill that my 2 RSNs increased from $2 to $3. My overall bill is $5 more. Did I miss something on a notice of a price increase? I usually pay attention to such things and can't recall any notice!!! Can anyone enlighten me? Paul
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    Satellite Radio Has Advantages Over "Free" Radio

    I get tons of dropouts traveling to Vermont's Northeast Kingdom-weekends. I listen to 50's-60's-70's(+others) and the Jocks play the songs like it was back then ie: talking over songs, cutting songs short-like they need to squeeze a commercial in. Why are they in a rush? This is PAY radio, go...
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    Renewal Notice

    I forgot to mention that I paid a $2.00 invoice fee the first time and when I just got the recent bill it showed a credit!!!
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    Renewal Notice

    I just finished a 5 mo. $25.00 deal and called to cancel and the CSR offered me same deal and then offered me a 1 year $86 deal($94.39) w/taxes/fees. I agreed and requested a bill as I don't trust them with my cc. I just paid the bill Monday. I think it was a good deal. Paul
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    Need help with DirecTV question vs. Verizon FIOS. I have 10 Televisions! Moving into new house soon

    Hi Scott, I live Wintertime in Zepherhills(33541) and I set up the latest Directv dish and it is pretty reliable but the install was a real pain but I feel worth the effort. I can't answer your other questions but I will say you are as big a tv fanatic as I am. Good luck, Paul
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    New Protection Plan

    I don't like the fact that the 'protection plan fee' went up $2.00 AND the 'FREE' upgrades also means another 2 year contract!!! I cancelled the protection plan after I saw that. Paul
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    Help in Getting OTA in Centreville, VA

    Welcome! Any obstructions that would block reception? ie: trees, hills, buildings etc... I would install a rotor so you could watch any channel. It also looks like most of the channels are around the same degrees so maybe a little higher might help. Paul
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    2011-12 NFL Playoffs

    I forgot to add how ridiculous for a 12-4 Steelers team to play at an 8-8 team. The NFL needs to change that system! Paul
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    2011-12 NFL Playoffs

    Brady appears to be fine. Watching Tebow yesterday I concluded that he's terrific on long passes and he seems to change his throwing motion on short to medium passes. The refs did a terrible job! Finally, with all the injuries, I thought Denver beat the Steelers 'B' team. And yes, I'm a Pats...
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    Farthest tv station you have received?

    Update: Still manually turning antenna on roof so I turn it here and turn it there constantly doing rescans on two tvs. One tv I have a Insignia digital converter box(VERY strong signal finder) and tv2 built-in tuner. I recently p/u a snowy Analog ch. 2 on tv2. The ch. logo said CTV and that's...
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    Farthest tv station you have received?

    I live on a hill here in Boston so even with rabbit ears I get 20-25 stations. I recently put up a bigger roof antenna and I get 47 yes 47 channels! Granted some are duplicates. The farthest one I get now(intermittently) is Vermont Public Television(VPT) ch. 33.1,.2,.3.4 that's about 200 miles...
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    Now Solid Signal Offering H25 Receiver

    Looks cool but my present H23 has a component input built-in. This unit you have to pay extra for it. This alone for me is worth keeping this unit. Paul
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    Happy with Directv

    I switched from E to D about 13 mos. ago. I love my sports and have RSNs 24/7. Also, the slimline 3 is so heavy duty I almost never have a dropout. No more calling the CSRs to complain-BIG RELIEF for all. Paul
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    Belichick named Coach of the year.

    Wins his 3rd. Paul
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    BHN Adds new channels to sports pack

    Actually you are right. I watch the Carribean World Series baseball when it's on. Paul
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    BHN Adds new channels to sports pack

    That's fine but I don't speak/understand Spanish! Paul
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    BHN Adds new channels to sports pack

    I agree but I'm happy for now. BTW, when are those channels supposed to start? I thought it was Sept.? Paul
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    BHN Adds new channels to sports pack

    Just arrived this week in Z-hills. Nesn in sd is far better on BH than on Dishnet. While I don't see Bruins games live I do see replays next day. I also see hi-lights on NHL net and/or Versus. So not is all bad. I also get all my Boston sports news on Nesn Dailey. Paul
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    Seriously considering OTA only - Any flaws in my plan?

    I used the Dishnet j-mast on chimney and attached a rotor then a short pipe and a Radio Shack VU90 and I get 37 channels from Manchester,N.H. to Providence, R,I. and in between. I used same cable since it is rg6. Paul
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    Enter To Win a BOXEE BOX by DLINK!

    Merry Christmas to all! May the new year be prosperous to the men and women who support this very worthwhile website. Paul
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    BHN Adds new channels to sports pack

    What's showing on NESN National? Can you folks tell me about some of the programming? Sports talk shows? College sports? A lot of infomercials? Paul
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    11/17/2010 3:03pm - Uplink Activity Report - 218 changes

    Iceberg: Congrats on your 7th anniversary! Paul
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    11/17/2010 3:03pm - Uplink Activity Report - 218 changes

    I know you said this before but I was wondering about ota? I put up an antenna and I get WMUR 9.1 in HD! I live in Boston. Paul (p.s.-I got SD ch. on Dish and same on Direct)
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    2010-11 MLB Hot Stove

    The Red Sox traded 6'6" lefty Dustin Richardson to the Florida Marlins for 6'7" lefty Andrew Miller-a tall trade to say the least! Both pitchers are projects. Paul
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    Celtics not in HD? (CSNNE channel 435)

    I was w/Dish for a few years. I wasted alot of time on the phone w/CSRs trying to get answer on the same ?. They don't know, the mgrs don't know why the games are not in HD. Generally the home games(game only) is HD-same w/Bruins games. Dish has never been consistent in HD sports-some games...