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    I can't believe I saw this on a basic cable/satellite channel!

    But don't they speed up the credits and/or squish to advertise during them? End credits are part of the movie and any channel does NOT leave them alone is not unedited and uncut in my book.
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    Sims Online back online!!!
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    The Walking Dead on AMC

    I think it's Abraham. He's been wanting to hook up with Sasha and have a kid. Plus the hug from Eugene.
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    The PlayStation Vue Thread

    Woot! Woot! It's about time!
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    Starz losing subs battle with Ergen looms

    It has been a substandard premium service for a long time now, with it's distracting snipes and graphics advertising its shows during movies and not leaving the end credits alone.
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    Dish to Drop Weather Channel?

    Whatever. I'll never be convinced a dvr should have a fee because I had one called a Replaytv Showstopper that had no monthly fee.
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    Dish to Drop Weather Channel?

    $5.00 dvr fee...I'd like to a $0.00 dvr fee. Paying for a machine to write to a hard drive is ridiculous and a ripoff! I already am paying electricity for it to do that!!! There should be free basic level for dvrs...go through record to record a show. Want the extra features..THEN...
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    Dish to Drop Weather Channel?

    And I have a bridge to sell you! lol Only true in certain areas I guess. I remember severe weather here one time in the south and nothing on the screen but a reality show and the weather channel bug. Nothing crawl, NADA. I even went to Facebook and read people leaving...
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    Free Previews: Starz/Encore 3/27-3/29 & HBO/Cinemax 4/10-4/13

    My reason for never paying again is based on the principle for paying for them in the first place and violating that reason...they have popped up some sort of advertisement graphic during programming or have messed with the end credits.
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    Sling Introduces Two New Add On Packs

    It really will be if things change and they add a separate virtual dvr fee.
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    The Cord Cutter: Calculate What it would cost to get all of your TV Online

    Playstation Vue: $49.99 Now with Directv: $59.99 for Entertainment package plus $25 for the DVR Yup...can't wait for the Vue
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    Sony Unveils PlayStation Web-Based TV Service - Vue

    This shows 3 packages I'd go with the access plan. The best HD fee. No dvr fee. NO "BECAUSE WE CAN BS FEES?" I can't wait until it opens for everyone!
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    $50 Rebate for New HBO Subscribers

    Are you eligible for $50 back if you weren't subscribed on Feb 5th or later? I cancelled it Jan 16th.
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    Subscribing to HBO for GoT ?

    The Apple TV sells for $69 right now.
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    What will Dish do about HBO?
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    HBO streaming service could launch in April for $15 per month, work on Apple TV

    They should at least let you subscribe at the website, and then watch HBO on your computer (or on your TV, by using HDMI cable) without needing an Apple TV.
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    HBO streaming service could launch in April for $15 per month, work on Apple TV

    Nah, since it's not TV but HBO (hehe), there shouldn't be any of this having to wait until the next day to see something.
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    HBO streaming service could launch in April for $15 per month, work on Apple TV

    Hopefully there won't be a time frame to watch episodes on their tv shows (like you finally get to sit down and watch Game of Thrones and the oldest one currently available is episode 3 of the current season)
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    HBO eyes April premiere for its standalone streaming service

    I wish I could without paying an early termination fee. I hope to see one for Cinemax too.
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    TV Nets Cluttered Shows With Ads To Make Up For Lost Viewers In Q4

    Married...with Children Peg at video store with AL: Peg says something like "Some people just have no respect for other peoples property" *takes from stand a box of Raisonettes to mouth then puts it back* I saw it on a channel where she says that, and grabs the box like she is going to buy it...
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    America Silver price

    And it seems like yesterday they were offering attractive packages as low as $24.99. But here we go again with Sling, only this time it's a streaming package.
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    Direct tv Hi-def

    Wish they would just drop if from's time.
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    Attention cord cutters...

    Long live Netflix by disc!
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    FREE HBO/STARZ/SHOWTIME/CINEMAX 01/08/2015-01/11/2015

    And none of them ARE worth a plugged nickel. Every single one of them at some point have interrupted the credits or put bugs on the screen. I saw some "weekend extender" flash on the screen during Aliens on Encore. You get a stupid Banshee hashtag that just stays during the entire episodes on...
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    Rumor Alert for 2015 Price Changes (Now CONFIRMED)

    Well I would but Directv was installed on December 29th last year. The termination fee isn't low enough for me yet. lol