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  1. DSquared

    TIVO vs E*

    Which specific Dish HD DVRs would be affected by this judicial ruling? :confused:
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    Joint Statement from DirecTV & Dish Network

    I live in Modesto, CA, my locals are from Sacramento. I would also like to receive the San Francisco locals as I live only 92 miles from that city and have lived there. Both locals are on the same spot beam. Where is my freedom of choice? I am originally from Minnesota and would like to also...
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    HD DVD in USA Today

    I looked at CC yesterday. They had the same amount of space for Bluray disks and HD-DVD disks. Two different salesmen stated that CC was selling and promoting both formats. I asked both salesmen which format they thought would win. They said both will be around. One of the salesmen...
  4. DSquared

    What the Warner announcement has done to my household.

    I was leaning toward Blu but I would not make a purchase until the ship listed heavily in one direction. It is now listing in the direction of Blu-ray and I will jump in that direction. I do not think it (Blu_ray) will ever have market penetration of DVD. Not because of price, future...
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    622 HDMI Port Failure ?

    I had my first 622 for around 4 months using the component inputs on my older Mitsubishi 55" that had no HDMI connection. When it went down after the warranty had expired I decided to upgrade with a new Samsung HLS-6187 that had HDMI. When I connected HDMI cables to my 622 and to my DVD player...
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    Corrupt hard drive? Don't delete!

    I have had this problem twice in the last month. Each time I did a reboot and all was well afterwards. I have not called Dish about this problem but I will if it happens again. Has anyone called Dish on this? If so, what was their advice? Dsquared
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    Fox Sports In Hd?

    I would love the RSNs in HD but NOT at the expense of Voom!
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    What is the FSN HD holdup?

    "Different strokes for different folks." Home and Garden HD is very popular in our HD circles.:hatsoff:
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    New Audio problem with 3.63 on 622 when will it be fixed?

    "Warbeling Sound" :mad: We have had a wavy or warbling character to the sound in watching some recorded shows and some live broadcasts. I was able to fix the problem by pressing the pause button and then pressing play. We have also had some audio dropouts that we fixed by the same method...
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    Who is having problems with HDMI with 211/411/622

    Received my new Samgung HLS-6187 this morning. After using only component cables on my old Mitsubishi I looked forward to observing the difference between component and HDMI. No such luck! The HDMI on the 622 was dead. Switched inputs back and forth between DVD (also HDMI) and the 622...
  11. DSquared

    Has Dish Comm Technology been activated in 622 & 211 Receivers?

    Thanks Scott. I'll remain patient. Have had the 622 and 211 for 5 days now. No reboots, sync problems, or BSOD. The HD in the 622 is so quiet compared to the 921 that I almost was going to call tech support and complain that the HD wasn't running. My wife assured me it was running--but...
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    Has Dish Comm Technology been activated in 622 & 211 Receivers?

    The question says it all. I have a 622 connected to a phone line and a 211 where it is impossible to connect to a phone line. According to what I have read that if Dish Comm technology is activated all that is required is that one VIP player be connected to a phone line for features such as...
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    MASTERS GOLF in HD?? Thursday/Friday

    I haven't been able to find any listing for the Masters for today and Friday in HD or SD. Is Dish doing this. Some cable networks are showing it.:mad: :mad:
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    Additional 622 for $99 Upgrade Information....

    Yes. I was surprised as I believed that I could only do 1 upgrade per year according to a conversation with a CSR several weeks ago. I don't know if it's CSR roulette or that there is an increased availability of units and they decided that it's not good customer relations to keep high...
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    Additional 622 for $99 Upgrade Information....

    I called at 9AM PST to the special number. I told the CSR that I wanted to upgrade both my 921 and 811. She referred me to an "Executive CSR" who upgraded my 921 for the $299($99 with the billing credit) and my 811 for $49. My install date is April 11 here in Modesto, CA. It seems that the...
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    RSNs and Comcast Sports Net in HD on Dish!?

    I logged on to my Dishnetwork account this evening, then clicked on My Account/ HD Programming looked at the Platinum, Gold, and Silver HD packages. There in the second column of a three column box were the following two entries: Comcast Sports Net FOX SPORTS NET BAY AREA...
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    811 replacement options? ? ?

    When is this unit (222) going to be available?:confused: :confused:
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    811 replacement options? ? ?

    Thanks much. This seems to be the solution. The 17" flat panel connected to the 811 is also HD. The 211 plus the adapter will solve my problem when I upgrade to MPEG 4 in April. Dsquared
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    811 replacement options? ? ?

    :confused: I will replace my 921 with a 622 in my Home Theater Room. However, I use an 811 for the flat panel in my kitchen. I do not have room for the 811 in my kitchen so I store it with my audio components in my music room which is in a room with an opposing wall to the kitchen. I just...
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    Odd 811 Behavior with Dish 1000

    I had almost the same problem. I lost the 110 and 129 sats. Could receive only 119 and the OTA locals. Did: cold boot, check switch, disconnected cable to 811 and reconnected, swapped the cables with my 921 (both coming off a Dish 1000) no solution. My 921 continued to work fine. 811 would...
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    Any charge for OTA recording of HDTV after Feb 1st? I have purchased all my equipment from Mark at I recommend him highly.
  22. DSquared

    Quick Facts for 622 and 222

    I'd like one of these also as it has a UHF remote. I cannot use the 211 with an IR remote as my 2nd TV which is a flat panel HDTV is in the kitchen. My 811 which serves it is in an opposing room. I do not have space for a sat receiver in the kitchen. The vip222 would seem to meet the need...
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    So close with 129 I can taste it!

    :shocked I have a Legacy System hooked up to an SW 64 switch. I have a Dish 500 for the 110/119 and a Dish 300 for the 129 sat. I have a 921 Receiver in my main Home Theater room and an 811 for a flat panel in the kitchen. I pick up the 129 sat and Voom channels on the 921 Receiver but the...
  24. DSquared

    Why is the signal from 129 so weak?

    129 Mystery I live in Modesto and finally receive 129. I get the following levels of reception off the transponders: Transponder 12 63% Transponder 10 73% Transponder 9 52% (?) Transponder 6 76% My problem is that I get 129 on my 921 receiver in the den but cannot receive it on my...