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Jul 17, 2009
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Ok, I'm installed with MRV. One HR upstairs and one in my man cave, I need more tuners! The one upstairs is my son's and his choice of what to record/watch differs quite a bit from mine and he records a lot. Usually enough to have some auto deletions happen.

I need 4 tuners, or at minimum 3 that I can record from. So I'm wanting to get another HR for my man cave.

The current setup is Dish (Slimline 5S) to 4-way splitter. One output to my son's room, two to mine. One of the two has the power inserter and then to the HR, the other goes to the Cinema Connection Kit. I'd rather just do it myself, but I can't/won't crawl under the house, so here's what I'm thinking.

With the cable from the 4-way to the CCK, add a 2-way green splitter with one output to the CCK, the other to a second HR. Will that work?

Currently my HR is set to RF remote control, is there a way to have it control the second one with IR? If so, how?

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