2016-17 NHL Season

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  1. Penguins win ?
    There a huge limb involved !

    Montreal, Tampa Bay ????

    I'll root for the Lightning seeing the Wings are out.
  2. Good game with Toronto and Washington. Love seeing the canandian teams back in the playoffs :)
  3. Quite a post I made in post 21 ....
    I don't think Tampa is in the playoffs either, at least I didn't see them on a schedule I looked at. :facepalm
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  4. Nope, that's what allowed Yzerman to appear at the Joe for the final game :)

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  5. Habs scored on first shot.
    2-1 Montreal first intermission.
  6. I would have hate to have had Stevie not be able to make it.

    I am really surprised to see Tampa not make it, they always play hard and very good hockey ... however, I understand they may be losing some key players to contracts.
  7. I was surprised to, I am not a die hard follow standings everyday guy for the NHL so when I looked after the season wrapped up they finished one point behind Toronto for the wild card spot. They had a good season with 94 points. Kind of let's you know what it's going to take for the wings to rebuild to just get into the playoffs

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  8. Nashville Leads Chicago 3-0

    ST-Louis Leads Minnesota 3-1

    Anaheim swept Calgary 4-0

    Edmonton and San Jose tied 2-2

    Toronto and Washington tied 2-2

    Montreal and Rangers tied 2-2

    Ottawa leads Boston 3-1

    Pittsburgh leads Columbus 3-1
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  9. Thanks for the update with Baseball starting hard to keep up right now! :)
  10. Yawn ...
    Imagine that ...
  11. just asking when is McDavid a FA? It's going be all set up for him to Buffalo , if he wants that still, rumbling around here are Buffalo is going to name Kris Knoblauch HC in 2 weeks and Kris Knoblauch coached McDavid in the past and McDavid did wanted to go Buffalo in the 1st place
  12. It's going Into June and we're just now getting to the NHL finals ....
    I know, it happens this way every year but just feels odd playing hockey when summer is right next door...

    This year they at least don't have to try to have usable ice in a hot and humid location, often times ice is very poor this time of year in your warm cities.

    I know the NBA is even worse (time frame wise), but it is what it is.
  13. NHL Finals Monday night !!!!!
    Finally ...

    Go PREDS !!!

    btw, no idea what channel its on at this point ...
    NHL Network ?
    Any Local channels ?

    Just saw that its on NBC Monday night.
    Is it on NBC for all games or is it moved to NBC Sports and other various NBC channels thruout the playoffs to screw with the rating as much as they can ...
    If people can't find it ... people can't watch it.
  14. I'm disappointed that only 1/2 of my dream Stanley Cup Finals match-up was realized, that being the Nashville Predators. Sadly, the Carolina Hurricanes didn't fulfill the other half of the Finals match-up.
  15. Pens win first 2 games at ho,me, now we shift to Nashville.
  16. In Other news ...
    Looks like Pavel Datsuk is considering coming back to the NHL with the Red Wings.
    As far as I know he belongs to Arizona, but I can see them working out a trade to get him back in the Winged Wheel if he goes thru with it.
  17. Pens up 2-0. They are looking good.
  18. Its not a series till someone wins one on the road.
    If Nashville comes back and wins thier home games, were all square.

    If Pens come out and win on the road, particularly the next game, its OVER.