A Tale of two NFL cities

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Apr 10, 2008
Pretty funny doings on the airwaves right now...and we're lucky enough to hear both NY and Philly radio.

Philly first. Iggle fans have been besides themselves with their lividness the last two months. Reid, Vick, Asomugha, Castillo, Young...the only person associated with the team who has not been ripped to shreds is Shady McCoy.

And now that they actually have a playoff spot which, while still a difficult path is realistically within reach...they're still livid! Now they're upset that Reid will barely miss the playoffs and save his job, basically the same dream team cast of characters will be around next year, and the losing will continue.

Too funny.

And in New York...well, even though the song says 'root for the home team, if they don't win it's a shame'...that's not the case here today. They didn't win, and it's a f****** disaster!!!

Airwaves are lighting up with some stupid things Antrell Rolle said this morning on his weekly WFAN spot...naming names while he had a terrible game himself.

AND...Santonio Holmes, who cost the Jets early with a fumble and a pass that went right thru his hands and turned into an interception that took what momentum the Jets did have and gave it right back to the Eagles, had the audiacity to do some stupid Eagle-waving thing when he scored the TD that brought the Jets within 18 while points, and cost the team 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff. Just incredibly selfish.

Amazing. And now the teams prepare to play each other on Saturday, and it's interesting...Rex already came out firing this morning talking about how he didn't come here to be second banana, Jets are better than the Giants...same old Rex rhetoric.

Rex always has a plan behind the bluster...it's obvious he's trying to deflect attention away from yesterday's miserableness and get people to stop talking about how putrid the Jets were, and on to talking about 'Did you hear what Rex said this time?'

But so far it's not working!

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