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Could one of you nice DirecTVers be so kind as to enter 95134 into the triple LNB dish setup screens on your receiver, and post the tilt, az. and elev coordinates here?

The only place I have for mounting might not work with DirecTV. (It currently works with Dish.) I'd like to know before I go to the trouble of ordering a DirecTV system, and cancelling Dish.

um do u have trees buildings close to where your current dish points if not then they should be able to use the same exact location that what they did with mine worked fineum your coordinates are azimuth 146 ,elevation 45 ,tilt 105
Thanks. I'm having a little trouble understanding your style of writing. Sorry.

Are you saying that you replaced a Dish 500 with a DirecTV Triple LNB dish, and use the same coordinates for the DirecTV dish?

My Dish500 is currently at 152, so 146 shouldn't be too bad. I'm just concerned that the side of the building itself will be in the way of the 101 bird.
Gary you want the pointing angles for 101 rather than the Phase 3 dish. the phase 3 is looking at 110 the center position which you already are receiving with the DISH 500. az. 133 el 42.
boba said:
Gary you want the pointing angles for 101 rather than the Phase 3 dish. the phase 3 is looking at 110 the center position which you already are receiving with the DISH 500. az. 133 el 42.

No. I want the angles for the triple LNB (phase 3) dish, as that is what I would be installing. The azimuth for a single LNB dish pointed at 101 wouldn't help at all.

As you probably know, the Dish 500 is for 110/119, while the DirecTV Phase 3 is for 101/110/119. As such, the two should not have the same azimuth. Beast's number of 146 sounds kosher. It's six degrees of separation from my current Dish 500 azimuth of 152.
Gary you have a DISH 500 it receives the 119 & 110 satellite, I thought you wanted to know if you would be able to see the 101 location that Directv broadcasts most of their programming from. You already see both 110 and 119 and the satellites are the same location wether they are DISH or Directv so what you need is the location of the 101 satellite which is what I gave you.
Again, I wanted to know the azimuth for a triple lnb dish. I would be replacing the Dish 500 with it, not augmenting the Dish 500 with a single lnb DirecTV dish.

But, thanks. I do appreciate you taking the time to get the info from your setup screen.
I have to add a really stupid question to this thread. On my dish, I'm getting strong (95+) signals from 101 and 110, but a weaker signal from the 119 (around 75). Normally this isn't a problem, but on rainy days like today, the 119 drops off considerably (less than 30), which is a problem.

I have two basic questions:

1) If I'm looking at the dish's line of site (i'm in maryland), I know that the center is aimed at the 110. Is the 101 sat located to the left or right as I look up to the sky? Seems dumb, but there is a possible tree problem on the left-hand side, with nothing potentially blocking the right-hand side. Since I assumed that the 101 is to the left, I figured the tree wasn't an issue since my signal is 95+ for that sat. However, I'm 2nd guessing myself because of the 119 signal. Either I need to realign the dish, or the 119 sat is to the left of center, and the tree is an issue.

2) If I need to realign, what is the best way in terms of the order to adjust things? I realize that should not just loosen all screws and start moving the dish all over the place. My process so far is to start with one adjustment and get the signals as strong as possible before moving on to the next one. The order I've done so far is azimuth, tilt, skew. Maybe this is the best I can get the signals, but I figured someone might have some suggestions for further tweaking. Is it possible to get all 3 sats at signals of over 90%? The post is mounted on my concrete foundation, and is very near exactly plumb...slightly off, but more than 50% of the leveling bubble is within the target circle.
Right or left is an odd way to put it. It is kind of like asking in Masachusetts is above or below Rhode Island.

The higher numbers are further west. Does that help you? So logically 119 is the furthest away of those locations.
Yes that does...thanks. I just pulled up the installation manual from the D* website and they have a good graphic in there. Sorry, should have done that first.

After reviewing the manual, it says that the bubble must be exactly inside the target circle. Since mine is not, I suppose that's my problem. A little background here...I first installed my dish myself about 6 months ago. To make a long story short, I had to move the dish. Well, the manual is long gone, so I figured "how hard can it be"?

I noticed from the manual that the mast can be adjusted up/down AND side-to-side. I don't recall reading this during my first installation. Does anyone know what I'm talking about here. The side-to-side adjustment is what I need.
If the mast is not perfectly straight, it throws the tilt setting of the dish off, which in turn can effect hitting multiple sats correctly. It sounds like you've found this out the hard way, and are well on the way to correcting it.
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