Best C-Band conical scalar rings for Channel Master offset dish?

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  1. For my 180 cm Channel Master Offset disk I wanted to buy a set of conical scalar rings.
    Living in Europe there are some things to consider:
    1. Prices in Europe are sky-high while postal rates are minimal
    2. Prices in the US are much lower but postal rates to Europe tend to be absurdly high
    3. In China I can order such rings for US $6,99 plus relatively cheap postal rates to Europe.

    However, are all conical scalar rings the same or are there big differences? When using a severly limited size dish the last thing you want is suffer unnecessary extra losses.

    Does it make sense to order at a place like Alibaba or would I be cutting myself in the fingers doing so?

    Personally I'll use it for C-Band only, but a friend who uses the same dish with a C/Ku LNB intends to use one for his installation too. I do wonder however what such scalar rings intended for C-Band reception improvements would do to his Ku-Band reception.

    Is there anyone who could give me some advice in this matter?

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  2. Paul talk to titiaum satellite brian gohl he can help you out.
  3. Thanks, but no thanks. I had a short discussion with this gentleman a few yearsa ago in which I got cussed out fiercely for having asked a critical question in public about one of their products. That is his problem as far as I'm concerned because I do a lot of product reviews in my country and neighboring countries. When I encounter someone with such a bad temper the last thing I would do is to recommend him or his company to my readers as a source for purchasing equipment. The customer having an issue is bound to get blaimed for whatever might not work as he or she expected. So I won't be his customer, that's for sure.
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    Sorry... I have never cussed any customer or reviewer or been accused of having a bad temper before. These comments are sure out in far left field for anyone who interacts with me personally or in business.

    I participate in these forums as a hobbyist, as I enjoy the technology and try to give back to the hobby. Customer service, product support and positive customer interaction is the primary focus of myself and my business.

    With your permission, May I link to our previous email exchange from several years ago? I would be happy to do so to allow forum readers to completely know the facts of our exchange and make up their own minds on this matter. I would only edit the emails to remove personal contact information.

    Back to your original question. This scalar is tuned for c-band frequencies. The effect on KU frequencies will primarily be illumination shaping.
  5. I don't believe you.

    If you truly believe this, then there's some real misunderstanding of his position on your side. Statements such as you made here in this post DEMAND you back it up with proof. Brian is one of the most generous, level headed, ethical, truthful small business owner that I've ever dealt with.
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  6. Perhaps it is possible, you got "cussed", by someone else selling FTA, however I feel very confident in saying it was never done by titanium. What would a person trying to make a living benefit, by acting in such a childish way?

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