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  1. My 5 for $25 deal is up on Monday. I'll be calling then.
  3. My phone system will do the same thing. It will estimate the time over a few hour period.
  4. I don't know why they have to make things so difficult.

    I'm on my 5th fake account with them now because I refuse to pay the full rate.

    They let the promotion expire then they let it go for 3 months at the full rate before they shut it down.

    I refuse to pay the past due balance so just open a new account and start fresh.
  5. 5 for $28 was the best they would offer me. I took it. Girl said it was the lowest she had in her system and I didn't want to get transferred.
  6. Oops, I promply deleted it. It WAS meant for the Pit. If you can please delete your response, NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW...

    Edit: How did I end up in the Sirius threads?:confused:
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  7. I have always been given five months for $25. At five dollars a month I think it is a very good deal.
  8. Do they offer these deals to just car owners? I signed up via the app for a free 30 day trial and wondering if this promo will be available to me thereafter? I hook my phone to my car radio and I'm set. Thanks.
  9. I have been on various cheap offers for the last 4-5 years on my current and previous Chevy's built in infotainment system with XM radios. I think the offer I'm currently on is the All-Access pack at $84 for a year. The reason I pushed for All-Access instead of the cheaper, 5 months for $25 offer that most of you are on is for the NFL coverage.

    I mostly use my XM subscription for live sports and news. I used to listen to Mike and Mike during my morning commute nearly every day but this has mostly been replaced by various podcasts lately. The main reason I got satellite radio to begin with is to listen to live MLB, NFL, and NCAA Football games without using my mobile data but I do regularly listen to a couple music stations like Alt-Nation and Lithium.

    I think I may finally be done with satellite radio when my current offer runs out. I'm not unhappy with the service but I recently doubled my cell data for almost no additional cost so the benefit of not using data with SiriusXM isn't really a factor anymore. I already pay for Microsoft's Groove music and and NFL audio is free through the NFL app, at least for Verizon customers. NCAA Football is going to be the biggest annoyance because it will require different apps depending on teams/conferences.

    I will miss Alt-Nation. That channel is how I discover most of the songs/artists I want to add to my Groove playlists for listening at the gym. They have a Pandora style radio option built in and I occasionally find new music I like through it but most of the time I just keep getting the same songs when I pick different artists to start the radio stream. SiriusXM has always been a much better music discovery tool for me but that's probably not enough to justify me continuing to pay for XM.
  10. My other half and I both currently have subscriptions in our Toyotas. We've had satellite radio since Sirius first started. I even own SiriusXM stock which I bought for dirt cheap at 43 cent a share when it took at nose dive right after the merger, and is now at $5.60 a share. I just don't listen to it anymore. I couldn't even tell you the last time I switched over to SiriusXM in the car. They got rid of pretty much every channel I really liked, and I never found any of their suggested replacements to be acceptable. The music stations repeat way too much for my liking. And the Toyota implementation of it doesn't help any. The satellite radio on both of our Toyotas fades out every time you blink - and from Google searches I've done this is apparently a widespread issue with Toyota. SiriusXM blames Toyota, and Toyota blames SiriusXM (of course). One message thread I found somewhere blames the antenna that Toyota uses, as the person who started the thread was able to put on a new antenna, splice it into the Toyota wiring, and the fade issues disappeared for him. Plus the overall sound of SiriusXM in my Toyota sounds like AM radio.

    Anyway - my subscription has about another year left on it. My other half's subscription is running out in a couple months, and when it comes time to renew I'm just going to cancel both at the same time. I have absolutely no desire to call in every 5 or 6 months to go back and forth with the phone reps to try and get a "deal" from them. I've been streaming Slacker Radio on my phone. They have everything I could ever want to listen to - every genre of music, comedy, news, sports, talk. No commercials on any of the stations. I can turn off the DJs/personalities on the music stations if I want. I can skip and/or block an unlimited number of any songs I don't like. The music doesn't repeat anywhere close to the amount that SiriusXM does. The sound quality is much better than SiriusXM in my Toyota has been. And the best part is it's only $3.99 per month. No additional fees or taxes. No calling in to renew any "deals" every few months. Can cancel on my own with just a few clicks if I wanted to. No dealing with anyone on the phone for any reason.
  11. If you only want music and have the data to use there are many alternatives. We would need to spend more on data and would lose MLB NFL Talk etc
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  12. I don't mind paying for satellite radio as long as I can keep getting it for 99.00 a year. Living in the mountainous area of the Shenandoah Valley now, local station reception can vary greatly. Plus I am from upstate NY and JohnBoy and Billy don't do a hell of a lot for me in the morning. While satellite radio can be repetitious at times so can local FM stations, and there are a limited amount of stations playing music I may be interested in. I sure as hell don't want to hear a bunch whiny "My wife left me, and took my dog" sh*t, so I will haggle with Sirius every year to keep my sanity as long as the price is right.
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  13. I actually returned from SSBN patrol many years ago, and one of our guys was on the curb, almost crying. His live in gf/wife had left him, and he kept saying, she didn't need to take old (whatever the dog's name was).

    I learned later that he grew up with that dog and had family she could have left the dog with. I don't know if he ever got the dog back. Maybe I used to, maybe not - my rememberer isn't as good as it used to be.
  14. Dog would be with me, and she would wish to hell she had never met me.That;s my Lab to the left
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  15. I got an email of price increase starting in November, so not sure if Ill keep it or not. Its convenient and most of my drives are short enough that I hate dealing with bluetooth for Accuradio, Music Choice or Amazon Music.
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  16. I got a renewal notice from SiriusXM it was for $109.00 for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. After I renewed they sent me a receipt stating that the SiriusXM service would renew automatically and be over $155.00 next Sept.30th. SiriusXM isn't worth that to save our soul. So when it comes time to renew for my RV & My Ram Truck in 2018 They can stick their Satellite Radio up their ars!
  17. I also got the email regarding the increase. I am currently on a 6 months for $50 for all access including internet. I won't keep it unless they come pretty close to what I'm paying when I call to cancel in January.
  18. I wanted all access including internet but they wanted 75.00.
  19. Damn "auto-billing".... The 6-month promotion I signed up for (the 2nd time - we're new to Sirius) expired and auto-renewed at $15.99/mo plus fees, taxes, etc and ended up almost $20/mo. They only got me for (1) month at this point though.

    My wife seems to like the service but no way in hell is it worth almost $20/mo. When I was poking around their website last night on my phone, I did see a promo show up along the top of the screen but then went away and didn't show up again. I'll look around or even call them and ask for a better deal soon.
  20. That’s is when you should get one of those virtual credit cards, if your bank has them, that set a fixed amount and expiration date on them for auto renew accounts you’re not sure yo want to renew.
  21. Yeah, I think that happened to me once due to a snafu with my calendar. But my usual modus operandi is to put in a reminder into Outlook, including the cancellation number, which has prevented this from happening again. :)
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