called to cancel service

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  1. My 5 for $25 deal is up on Monday. I'll be calling then.
  2. My phone system will do the same thing. It will estimate the time over a few hour period.
  3. I don't know why they have to make things so difficult.

    I'm on my 5th fake account with them now because I refuse to pay the full rate.

    They let the promotion expire then they let it go for 3 months at the full rate before they shut it down.

    I refuse to pay the past due balance so just open a new account and start fresh.
  4. 5 for $28 was the best they would offer me. I took it. Girl said it was the lowest she had in her system and I didn't want to get transferred.
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  6. I have always been given five months for $25. At five dollars a month I think it is a very good deal.
  7. Do they offer these deals to just car owners? I signed up via the app for a free 30 day trial and wondering if this promo will be available to me thereafter? I hook my phone to my car radio and I'm set. Thanks.
  8. I have been on various cheap offers for the last 4-5 years on my current and previous Chevy's built in infotainment system with XM radios. I think the offer I'm currently on is the All-Access pack at $84 for a year. The reason I pushed for All-Access instead of the cheaper, 5 months for $25 offer that most of you are on is for the NFL coverage.

    I mostly use my XM subscription for live sports and news. I used to listen to Mike and Mike during my morning commute nearly every day but this has mostly been replaced by various podcasts lately. The main reason I got satellite radio to begin with is to listen to live MLB, NFL, and NCAA Football games without using my mobile data but I do regularly listen to a couple music stations like Alt-Nation and Lithium.

    I think I may finally be done with satellite radio when my current offer runs out. I'm not unhappy with the service but I recently doubled my cell data for almost no additional cost so the benefit of not using data with SiriusXM isn't really a factor anymore. I already pay for Microsoft's Groove music and and NFL audio is free through the NFL app, at least for Verizon customers. NCAA Football is going to be the biggest annoyance because it will require different apps depending on teams/conferences.

    I will miss Alt-Nation. That channel is how I discover most of the songs/artists I want to add to my Groove playlists for listening at the gym. They have a Pandora style radio option built in and I occasionally find new music I like through it but most of the time I just keep getting the same songs when I pick different artists to start the radio stream. SiriusXM has always been a much better music discovery tool for me but that's probably not enough to justify me continuing to pay for XM.