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  1. Someone show me where they have gotten a year for 50 - 60. I see that range for 6 Mo plans but not 12 months. Would love to be proven wrong though.
  3. I get $25 to $30 for six month offers all the time... Yeah you have to renew every six months but....
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  4. funny I called today too was up for renewal, first csr (not retention) said I had used up all of my discounts, so said I would cancel, went to retention and ended up getting $99 for 12 months of the middle tier package (reg. $16 mo.) came to $118 total - descent, asked for a promo/discount on the lowest tier music mainly but was told they don't discount that.
  5. Still not worth it.

    I value satellite radio at $5/mo
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  6. That's where I place the value at as well.
    I usually do the 5 months for $20-$25 deal, which they offer every time after I disconnect. I just usually have to wait a week and the offers start coming in.
  7. Same here. I've been getting the 5m/$25 "deal" for the last 2-3 years. One phone call every five months with a threat to cancel. I cut to the chase and tell them up front that if they cant continue me on this price that they should immediately go ahead and cancel my service for both radios.
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  8. I gave up, seeing that I can listen to the latest Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show on YouTube, the next day. As for the music, I get it through my Dish receiver.
  9. Live in Oklahoma and tell me its not worth it. With that being said i have been paying $89 for the year. I called today and got the 5 months for $25.
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  10. Speaking to the choir. Every time I switch to fm in Tulsa I get commercials and back I go to XM and 40's Junction
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  11. I use my iPad for music in the car. I have a ton of music in my library on it. I also have Amazon Prime music and Pandora on it. No commercials, just music and just the music that I want to hear.
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  12. Agree on commercial FM, emphasis on commercial. :mad: I'll listen to NPR for news on occasion, otherwise it's hard to escape those **** commercials.

    My 2012 300 was the first car I have owned that had a SiriusXM tuner, and the first with an "infotainment" system. I have a 16GB SDHC card onto which I loaded over 2000 of my favorites, and I can shuffle play when I want a surprise, or just play by artist or genre. But! I have somewhat eclectic tastes, and not wanting to listen to FM to introduce myself to new artists, I find SiriusXM is worthwhile for that alone.
  13. We bought a new-to-us used car and I've had little interest in satellite radio but we were going on a trip and thought this would be a good chance to try it. I signed up for either a 2 or 3 month free trial. As far as the service, a) we still found ourselves flipping channels constantly and b) the sound quality sucks a**.

    Anyway, not even 30 days into the trial, I start getting emails warning me that my trial is ending soon. In those emails, they're already throwing a 5-month for $25 offer at me !
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  14. We've had Sirius since it first started, and I'm planning on cancelling both subscriptions when they come up for renewal later this year. All of our vehicles had Sirius radios until we each got 2015 Toyotas, which use the XM system. The sound quality is much worse than our Sirius radios were, plus they lose signal all the time - which is really annoying. Toyota blames SiriusXM for the signal loss issues, SiriusXM blames Toyota. From what I've read online it's Toyota that's at fault for the signal loss issue due to the antenna they use. Apparently you can replace the antenna (process is too much work for me), and the issue goes away.

    Over the years SiriusXM has also gotten rid of all the channels that I really liked, and I've never found any of their suggested replacements to be acceptable. It's also gotten to where it repeats way too much for my liking - both on the music channels and channels like Howard Stern. I don't even listen to SiriusXM anymore. I've been streaming Slacker Radio on my phone, and have been quite happy with it. Sound quality is great, no commercials, doesn't repeat anywhere near as much as SiriusXM, has pretty much every genre of music in existence, comedy, sports, news, etc. And Slacker is only $3.99/month - no additional taxes/fees. I haven't heard of any deals that good from SiriusXM. Plus I can skip any songs I don't like and mark those songs to never play again if I want - no limits to skips and blocks. You can also get Slacker for free with limited skips if you don't mind listening to commercials.
  15. I had intended to cancel or let the free trial expire but my wife, who primarily drives the car with the sat-radio, said she liked it and would like to keep it.... :(

    I figured I'd take advantage of the 5-months-for-$25 offer but I kept putting it off until today. When I logged in, that offer was no longer listed, but digging up the email they sent with it, clicking the link, still shows it, so they just "hide" it. Nonetheless, there is a 2nd offer - 6 months for $29.94. One cent cheaper per month.

    Imagine how many customers of theirs pay for this at what, closer to $15/mo or customers who have a subscription and probably don't even use it. From reading this thread, does it appear that they are less generous with subscribers who have standalone receivers ? Those are paperweights w/o a subscription, whereas people with equipment that simply has it as an add'l feature aren't stuck.
  16. I can't believe how much money they spend on mailings to former subscribers who TOLD their phone-callers that I didn't want their service. It expired with my car, and I have had no less than 10 mailings in 60 days, and now the e-mails are rolling in again. I say again, "desperation." And, at $5/month, they are definitel y selling only for amount of numbers to show to stockholders, not to make money. It's impossible for them to cover their expenses for music licensing ALONE on $5 per subscriber per month, let alone physical costs and personnel. Oh well. the delete key and the shredder are my best friend, and it's their money.
  17. Let them show their desperation.

    Their service ain't worth more than $5/mo
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  18. They add the license fee on top of the $5.00/month.
  19. Yeap, I saw that when I re-upped for the 6-month offer they gave. $4.16 over the (6) months. I'm not gonna sweat that amount, but in all seriousness, that fee should be built into their monthly rate.
  20. Hasn't their quality gone down ? Thought it used to be hd quality radio?

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  21. My six months for $30 expires tomorrow so I called to cancel today. They offered me 1 year at $84, then 6 months at $48, and finally 6 months at $30, which I accepted. Took about 5 minutes to complete. What was funny, when I first called and chose the cancel option, it said the current wait time was 72 minutes and I was asked to give my phone number so they could call back. I opted to wait and put the phone on speaker. In about two minutes a representative came on the line.
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