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  1. I always put a reminder in my calendar for 2+ weeks before a 'term' like this expires but I forgot this time it appears.
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  3. I've missed the window for auto-renew cancellation in the past and call immediately to get back on a promotional rate. After I get the best retention deal offered (usually 5 mo. for $25 or 6 mo. for $30) the charges are pro-rated back to the original renewal date. You end up paying at the higher rate only from the original auto-renew date up to the date you call. Point is, call ASAP after the auto-renew kicks in to save yourself some money.
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  4. I just got an offer for 12 months for $60 for a new vehicle that we did not purchase service for. The add states "That's like $5 a month for a whole year!"
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