Openbox Daily Timed Recording Problem With Openbox S9? (1 Viewer)

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Lone Gunman

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Mar 19, 2010
With one of my last two Micro HD receivers starting to screw up I brought out my old Openbox S9s a couple of weeks ago to do daily recording. They work kinda OK with one exception. When I set the “Daily” timed recording for the Decades channel on 101w they will record the next morning at 8am with no problem as long as I leave them on all night. When I go back and check the timer later that day it ALWAYS has skipped a day, ie, yesterday I set it up to “Daily” record Decades starting this morning (20/11/2019) November 20, 2019 at 8am. About an hour after that recording finished I checked and the next record date was listed as 22/11/2019. which will SKIP tomorrow morning, which is the 21st?

Keep in mind here that for weeks now I have had TWO of these S9s setup to record the same program on two different systems and BOTH of them do the exact same thing?? FYI UTC time is set to "User Define" and -5 on both,

Anyone else remember their S9 doing this or know if there is something I’m doing wrong that is causing it?

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jun 16, 2010
Nova Scotia
I've always set 'GMT Usage' to Off instead of User Define. Then manually set your own date/time. Leave the S9 powered all the time.
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