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Oct 28, 2021
Los angeles
I got home tonight and i got the 772 error code on my boxes.after running a system test i got a diagnostic code 41-937. i ran a signal strength and nothing. i also noticed that my wifi setting in my genie 2 have been knocked off so no on demnd. i also have noticed the protection plan was removed from my acct as well.
any thought an inputs on this
Looks to be a nationwide outage. I’m monitoring it on Twitter.
thanks for the input. i guess i'll have to go visit twitter!!! that should not knock off my wifi settings though or remove the protection plan off my acct. unless they been hacked
No issues here last night, I watched the Football game and the Local News and a few other things last night till about maybe 1 Am, no issues.

Must have been after I turned in and cleared up before I got up at 7am.
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I'll take a guess that it was either a power buss problem on the 101 spacecraft or a mistake in maneuvering that mis-pointed the satellite antenna. The power bus is redundant and I don't know if they are in parallel or switched automatically or requires commands from the ground to switch to backup. On the mis-pointing, that usually takes some time to figure out what went wrong and to calculate new parameters to make corrections.
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