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Jul 4, 2006
I see there are lots of issues with the viewsat extreme. I thought it was all me. What a piece of crap! I'm so frustrated!

Can I ask you guys to answer three questions?

1- Where I select the Diseq port in the setup menu the Diseq tab reads "Diseq 1." Should this read Diseq 1.2?

2 - The viewsat is not user friendly, probably due to its electronics issues! Is there a way of setting this up so that I have no issues down the road?

3 - If not, is there a receiver out there that I can hook up, set up and live happier ever after? User friendly with no problems!

I have QPH031, 33" Fortec dish and SG2100 motor.

I will appreciate any and all advice. Thanks, Tim

TimB, I've been running a ViewSat Extreme with a 1 meter Fortec Dish and HH120 Motor for about 6 months with no major problems other than 1 occasion when I lost all my Satellites and Channels. Did a Factory Reset and the Receiver has been running great since, - for about 5 months now. Have about 8 Satellites dialed in: 97.0W - my South Sat, - 123.0W, 103.0W - Pentagon Channel, 95.0W, 93.0W, 87.0W, 79.0W, and 74.0W for Ohio News Network. Tried for 116.8 (Satmex 5) but nothing working on this Satellite up here.

What are your antenna settings? Do you know what your South Satellite is? This is the first step after you setup your "Elevation" on the Dish & Motor. Go to "USALS" (in Antenna Setup) on the ViewSat and set in (type in) your Longitude and Latitude settings for your South Satellite then press "OK" and the rest of the Satellites should be lined up in the Arc or Clark Belt - as you put or scan each of them in. (Note, you only have to type in your Longitude & Latitude settings in one time then the Sat Receiver remembers them for each Satellite you want to Dial in). Use Blind Scan to get the Channels. Hope this helps.


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Dec 10, 2006
I must take back all the nasty things I said about the Viewsat.
After going back and reading this discussion - I realize that most of what I said was because I didn't know enough at the time to get it going properly.
My Viewsat Extreme is now working nicely with a motor.
I am pretty sure that other receivers may do it better, but I would have tried to blame them also when my limited knowledge kept me from getting them running.
It really should be in the main learning guidelines that a newbie should learn to find sats MANUALLY before setting up a motor!
Once you learn how to do it manually - it forces you to learn all the settings, especially with lnb outputs and diseqc switches. Although I'm still not sure what a network scan is!
Learning to do this really helps getting that crucial True South Sat!
Please ignore my previous comments about the receiver, for they were out of ignorance!


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May 6, 2005
Metro New Orleans, LA
Some of the newer Viewsats seem to have licked the motor control problem, but with previous receivers, it was a real and well-documented issue.

Glad you got yours working! :)


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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
not all created equal

Some of the newer Viewsats seem to have licked the motor control problem, but with previous receivers, it was a real and well-documented issue.
Yea, that is what I was going to say.
With a number of models, maybe only the most recent has been fixed (?) or gotten good motor support.
(that's not a statement of fact, it's a question)
Model names use absurd terms, making you think even their oldest models might be new or superior to other units.

I know in the Fortec line, there are Ultra, and Lifetime, and other such outrageous names.
Some of which have reached end-of-life.
Turns out, it's the Mercury II model that is their latest and possibly best.
Fortunately, I got a good deal on one. :)

Generally, I think it often boils down to having a big enough flash rom to hold the code and all the improvements, and enough ram to hold ... hrmmm... not sure, but more is usually better. ::)

So, if someone would post a list of Viewsat model names, ages, and capabilities, that would be a great reference for users.
I don't know the answer - just enough to ask the question. :D
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