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  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see that iOS 11 now synchs my Contacts photos into my Escape's MyFordTouch (a.k.a. SYNC II). I was surprised to see our company logo show up on-screen during a teleconference call last week. Going through the Phonebook on the MFT's screen showed that everyone with a Contact photo now had that photo in the Phonebook. iOS 11.0 was the first time this has ever worked.
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  3. So now that I upgraded to IOS11 the Dispointer app does not work. Does anyone have any suggestions for an app that will run on IOS11?
  4. If Dish Pointer and Satellite Pointer won't work, I think it may be time for an Android tablet.

    The other aiming app, Dish Align, doesn't offer augmented reality viewing of the birds so it isn't much better than any other online tool for figuring out LOS.
  5. What is this dish pointer app? I might need to look into this. Last time I aimed and calibrated my dishes on the roof, I hauled my VIP722 and a small TV set up with an extension cord on the roof top. That was over 10 years ago. How does this dish pointer app work?

    I have a Sony Xperia XZ to use it on so the iOS11 may not be a problem. I also kept my ipad aie 2 on iOS10.
  6. Thanks! I now recall the last most recent time I checked the alignment, I used my slingbox app on the phone to access my VIP722K DVR to tweak the alignment. It had a lag of about 2-3 seconds and I was able to get the alignment pretty close. I guess I will just continue to use that.
  7. I thought I would try something similar when I was tweaking the EA Dish at our vacation home. My wife pointed her iPad at the TV and ran the remote while I used FaceTime on my iPhone up on the roof. What I failed to take into account was the metal roof my Dad had installed a decade ago which effectively shielded my WiFi reception.

    The next time up on the roof I used a ViP 211k and a 24" Samsung TV, much better.

    I expect the Dish AR App developer also let the Android version lay fallow, too. I did see this App (SAToolz for Dish Network on the App Store) that appears to perform the same function as the DishAR app and was recently updated in February of this year.
  8. iOS 11.1 beta 2 for iPhone brought back force touch on the left side of the screen to bring up the multi-tasker. Like it. Otherwise the new emoji, while cute, are useless unless the person you are sending it to have iOS 11.1. I sent myself some texts, and my MacBook brought them up as blank icons
  9. Anyone seeing no syncing between their iOS device and their macOS device ? Or, syncs are delayed by a long time ?
  10. Syncing of what? I've not noticed anything. Calendar sync seems OK.
  11. If anything, I've found that my Mac and iPhone/iPad are much quicker to sync photos. The Mac is running High Sierra.
  12. Sorry, I left out messages (text, picture) !
  13. I haven't noticed any differences with messages with iOS 11 and High Sierra. Messages on my iMac have been hit or miss since El Capitan or Sierra, don't recall which broke things. Works fine when the iMac is powered on, if not on I regularly don't see messages that arrived while it was off. Seems to be the same for me with High Sierra. One reason I am so looking forward to messages in the cloud.
  14. Mine syncs very quickly.
  15. I have had this a couple times with my current gen iPad and iPhone 6. Most of the time it works fine but occasionally since upgrading both to iOS 11 I have had messages that only show up on one device or the other with no real rhyme or reason to it. I went more in depth about what is happening in this post.
  16. It hasn't seemed to happen now in a few days but just did now.... My wife sent a text with an emoji only and then a 2nd text immediately after. They were sent at 2:08pm and as I type this at 2:17pm, they haven't shown up in Messages on my iMac. It's not a big deal, but there shouldn't be this type of delay. Quitting Messages (Cmd+Q) and reopening it doesn't force a refresh either.
  17. I replied, from the phone, at 2:18pm and waiting to see if that gives it a kick.... 1 minute later, no 'sync'. 2 minutes later, no 'sync'. Going to send a message from Messages on the iMac now.

    It showed up on my phone immediately. And now the earlier messages are showing in Messages on the iMac. They end up in the proper order too.
  18. I had a delay in sync in messages between iOS and MacBook last night. I had posted a message, and there were three replies, but I didn't see them because they didn't make it back to the Mac. But arrived on the iPhone. I closed message and re-opened it, and then it synced.
  19. A follow-up to my assertion that Apple needed to encourage wider development around the use of HEIF and HEIC still formats:

    I exchanged e-mails with Irfan Skijan of Irfanview fame on Tuesday and among other things, I asked him about support in the Irfanview product for HEIF/HEIC. He said no as HEIF was proprietary intellectual property that requires that encoders and decoders be formally licensed and as such it would go the way of the BPG file format that also uses HEVC encoding.

    XN View is the only mainstream Windows program I've seen that support HEIF/HEIC and that support came about three weeks ago.
  20. It looks like HEIF is the property of the Moving Pictures Expert Group as part of MPEG-H (Image File Format | MPEG) and Apple licensed it for iOS and macOS. Typical that Apple needs to re-brand it (HEIC) for their use, but it is standard HEIF.

    As the saying goes, that's the great thing about Standards; there are so many to chose from. Or, as XKCD noted:
    (Fortunately, the charging one has been solved now that we've all standardized on mini-USB. Or is it micro-USB? sh*t.)
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