Iphone 8 Battery Life


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Dec 14, 2003
I'm getting about 3 full days, like 72 hours, (really!) of battery life on my Iphone 8. That compares with about a day on my 6s. I did a backup and restore, so app demand should be similar on both.

Are others seeing the same thing?
Well the iPhone 8 has a new chip in there which is supposed to be more efficient than the previous phones when the high speed cores are not in use so the slower speed cores are in effect which makes the phone extremely battery friendly, Apple never mentioned a bigger battery during their keynote, so this is pretty much their bionic chip being super efficient, I can see next year Apple advertising their battery life since the A11 is a huge step towards the right direction in improving battery life.
The iFixit teardown said the iPhone 8's battery has less capacity than the iPhone 7 (not sure how that compares to the iPhone 6s). The A11's use of low-power CPU cores allows a lot of background processes to run with lower power draw than earlier A-series chips.

iPhone 8 goes three days, Apple Watch Series 3 goes three days, I'm sensing a pattern here...

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