Long distance antenna 60 - 100 miles?

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  1. I'm coming late to this thread, but thought I'd show you what I use. At the top is the Antennas Direct XG91 for UHF and below it the Antennacraft Y-10-7-13 for high VHF. I can receive several stations, both VHF and UHF, from Walnut Grove, the transmitter site for the Sacramento/Stockton stations, located 65 miles away. There's a 1000 foot high hill about 10 miles away between the transmitter site and my home.

    The antennas also work for a low VHF station that transmits on channel 4 from a mountain top 14 miles away.

    I have logged a total of 134 sub-channels with these antennas.

    I cannot use a preamp, as there are 12 full power stations transmitting from Sutro Tower just 3/4 mile away, but in the opposite direction from Walnut Grove.


    San Francisco
  3. ;) Just talking generally about the size.
    Big antenna is not very desirable in the hood :(
  4. The physics of RF broadcast propagation is not going to yield to accommodate anyone's situation.

    I think the best you can hope for is to limit yourself to one large antenna mounted as high as economically feasible.
  5. Or just accept that the best solution is cable or satellite reception. OTA just isn't for you.
  6. Just exploring the options.
    Free is a "good price" for a TV service :amen
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  7. As long as you understand that OTA may not be a practical option at your current location.
  8. I tried one of the previous models (similar to the $28.99 model) and it wasn't able to pick up anything that a carefully placed bowtie couldn't pick up.

    The motor drive lacked a brake so it was difficult to get the antenna to stop where you wanted it.

    Save your money for a taller mast.
  9. Don't believe the gain rating on that ant, it's no where near 22 to 38 db. They're probably counting the gain of the ant and amp together. The actually gain of the ant must be low and the amp is probably not that great.

    To put it in perspective, my 8200 ant that is something like 11' by 6' with 34? Elements has a gain of 14.2 dbi, which works out to somewhere around 11 db. They're probably also adding in the amplification of the amp that would be too full of distortion to use, like cheap audio amps do, just to have a high rating.
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  10. Cheap Chinese junk. I've never seen a review on Amazon of anyone getting the 150 mile reception it advertises. They can't get around the laws of physics (objects in the way of LOS, curvature of the Earth, 1000kw maximum broadcast wattage in the US)

    It might get 150 miles during a tropospheric event, but that would hardly be the norm

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  12. I bought a $35 one on Amazon.com. I am in Northeast NE which is approx 75 miles SE of Sioux City,IA where there is the Big Four Networks. With a cheaper antenna I could get all but ABC which broadcasts on VHF HI. So I thought I'd try the Amazon one and it comes in GREAT! I mounted it on a piece of 3/4" on my old DISH NETWORK mount on my antenna and used the existing RG6Q coax. I was really surprised when I found 6 more channels. I did notice the new antenna found duplicate channels.
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  13. Tell us this summer if it is still working, history says cheap antennas usually fail about the time the warranty expires.
  14. IMG_2736.JPG

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  15. I see that KCAU is a VHF-HI station. How well does your antenna pull it in? Can you receive any of the stations due South of you?

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  16. I can get it quite well. That was the one station I was lacking before. Haven't tried south channels yet. The mast isn't secured enough for rotor to spin the antenna. Just sitting in dish mount. Hoping to try this week with some better weather.

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  17. I hope your wrong but yes, it appears to be made cheaply. Time will tell

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  18. I'm surprised at that antenna's VHF performance. Be sure to let us know your rotor results!

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