Long distance antenna 60 - 100 miles?

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  1. Moved around today. I wasn't able to pick up anything more. I'm happy I can get the four major networks!

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  3. I purchased a so called long range aerial. Well...... On some occasions can not pick up stations that are 15 air miles away. No such thing as a long distance aerial.

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  4. What model? Can you post a TV fool report?

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  5. They exist, but they aren't something that will fit in a cake box.

    The other side of the coin is that everyone's situation is different. Some are plagued by terrain while others are just too far away. Yet others need stations coming from multiple directions.
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  6. Yes ,8200u with a channel Master 7777amp so u are looking at a price or like $300 it's the best way to go I live in the same state is u I have a hi vhf. I receive 17,channel's and a 91xg receive 29,channel's antenna high 45ft I have an mast mount amp vhf 35:db/uhf35:to40:db no dropouts but if I have bot a 8200u first we will see soon how well it works wcvb 65miles out 70,signil strength with 91xg !!
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