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Rename firmware file?

Even with the latest software , there is a 22khz switching problem, which is being addressed, but version 3.4 is MUCH better than the software you are using. You should load it. :)


I am getting set to do the 3.4 firmware update and remember that the manual calls for renaming the firmware file to 'all-----.bin' . Is this still required?

No, don't rename the file. Make sure you select only the "Product_ Glass... . abs file" and you'll be on the right track. :) Jeff Schumann says an updated manual will be out in a few weeks. Lot of changes since this reciever was released.
I'm thinking about rolling back my FW for a little while to get away from the setup values that keep changing by themselves.
What is the earliest FW that I can still import/export user settings/channels?
Back to the manhattan. I kept the "satellite setup" polarity to AUTO and in the blind scan screen, I did H polarity. H's showed up fine. I switched the polarity to V in the blind scan screen and the V's showed up fine. I went to tune the ID slate on H polarity and got no signal. I noticed in the "satellite setup" screen that polarity got changed to V. I set that back to AUTO in the "satellite setup" screen and the ID slate popped in. Just for kicks, I went back to blind scan screen and did an AUTO scan and both polarities scanned properly that time.

If you do a blind scan and say only one polarity, for some reason in the antenna setup it stays on that polarity and doesnt default back to auto. That gets kinda annoying when you only scan one polarity.
Well I've been on ver 3.4 for two days, still some problem with 22k and the motor menu settings changing, but all ok till I come home today turn on the receiver , it boots up a tv picture with ch. info at the bottom and moving dish message, it reboots as soon a I press any key, or if I wait till the "moving dish" message drops out, so does the whole receiver. Hmmnn..
That sounds exciting, Jim . :) Kinda makes you nervous, doesn't it .?

Uh yea, not really.
Is this a known problem that is in the works?

Now after about 6 power up/downs it booted up and stayed up!

I think I want to go back to 3.2 for a while, but the link in the files section is broken. I have several Manhattan files, but they all are labeled the same. Don't know how to tell which one is 3.2
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The Manhattan started crashing again this morning. Both sessions of shut down have been when I was on a marginal signal on 103w Ku. I'll have to work with it some more to see if there is more to the signature of the problem. I am still using ver 3.4
Maybe "crash" overstates it. It simply shuts off.
I'll try the R&R you suggested tonight. I also need a copy of the 3.2 FW that I would like to try. The link on the board is broken.

EDIT: I found this folder on my desktop at work, is it look like ver 3.2?
Hi All--

OK, I have installed firmware 3.4 which is very easy to do once I found out what to do. Thanks for the help, stone & brent. Overall, in spite of some learning problems, I really like this receiver. There's more programming up there than I had imagined.:)

But, this has not allowed me to get Ku thru the DiSEqC switch. I can, however get Ku very well when my Ku lnb is connected directly to the SAT IN port on the 1933.

Here is what I am doing when trying to get the DiSEqC switch to work:

-- On the 125 W AMC-21 satellite

-- Using DiSEqC 1.0 I have selected port 3 (this is the port with the Ku lnb connected) and have the 22khz tone turned ON.

--Then, I do a SINGLE SATELLITE SEARCH and come up with nothing

Switch or filter could be bad but I'm not sure that I know what I am doing with the switch control. Manual does not seem to help.

Here are a couple of other questions:

-- What is the difference between using a SINGLE SATELLITE SEARCH & an AUTO SCAN?

-- Does anyone make a DiSEqC switch & filter package combined. This would eliminate some of the F connector plumbing I presently have.


Maybe "crash" overstates it. It simply shuts off.
I'll try the R&R you suggested tonight. I also need a copy of the 3.2 FW that I would like to try. The link on the board is broken.

EDIT: I found this folder on my desktop at work, is it look like ver 3.2?

Sounds like might be a corrupt bin. Re-dl that version (via another source?) and try to reload it.
1) Why do you have 22khz turned ON ? Do you have a universal lnbf ? that would make sense.
2) Auto Scan is what Manhattan calls a BLINDSCAN . It is a subset of the Single Satellite Search Menu.
3) What filter are you using and why are you using it? I use a Diseqc switch, but NO FILTER and the Manhattan works fine on Ku with my Univ lnbf.


-- Well, I have separate lnb's on a dual feedhorn. This is fairly old stuff, acquired when I installed the 922. Did not even know there was a universal lnbf.

-- 22 khz is on because I figure that it is required to get the switch to go over to the Ku port on the switch.

-- Now that you ask, I realize that 'filter' is not what I am using. 'Splitter' is what I am using. Brain dead.


Shut off the 22 khz. Cband try diseq 1. Ku band try diseq 2. Since you talk about splitters, and appear to have the Manhattan as a slaved receiver, then you control the polarity with the master receiver. 22 khz is off. Try that. Have a great day!:)
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Weird transponder.

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