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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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Hey we can't talk about Satellite ALL THE TIME! So when you just don't feel like talking satellite, take a break in our SatelliteGuys.US arcade!

I have added 3 new games today!

Alien Clones - Shoot the Alien Clones before they shoot YOU!)
Penguin Bashing - This one is FUN! Great Batting Practice
towerball - A New FUN Spin on Tetris!

All games keep score so you can play against other SatelliteGuys Members!

This brings the number of arcade games to 13 and we will continue adding more!

Remember in order to play in the arcade you must be a registered member (then you will see the arcade link at the top) :D

The SatelliteGuys Arcade is the MOST FUN you can have With Your Clothes on.... Hey wait we can't see you... you can play naked if you want too. :smug
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