New Guide UI now rolling out (plus HDR support!)

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  1. Keep checking the link for the firmware watcher.
  3. Is the new firmware UI, going to be available tonight for the HR54? If so around what time should I try? I have been told/seen a couple of different times. 11pm - 3 am EST, and 3 am - 7am EST
  4. I doubt it. When they do the testing it's on Friday and Saturday night from 11 to 3 or so.
  5. Try it around 3 am - it's been in there recently around then. It's not normally, but it has been. No guarantees, but if you're up, take a peek. No one knows for sure when it's going to be there, but that's when I would say it's most likely. I am telling you this from looking last workweek and seeing it there every day at 3 am and pulling FF1 myself to get rid of the horrible FEB and FED versions they put out there.

    Regular CE times are Friday and Saturday at 11pm, if they do it. They didn't do it this week for Genies. Only HR34, which is no longer considered a Genie in the CE world. HR34s got new software to test, but it was new software with the old interface.
  6. Ok, I just got done recording NCIS LA tonight, If I go into my Playlist, highlight the show, then hit Info, on the left hand side shows up with All Season, Play, Recordings, Series Option, and so on.
    Go to Recordings, this is where you can make changes to the recording Time.
    Series Episodes options are next.
  7. I would like to say Thank You for everyone's help! I successfully received the New UI on my Genie HR54, 2 Wireless Genie Mini's and my 4K Genie Mini around 3:30 AM. I also got the new updates on my 3 HR24-500 Receivers. I think they have fixed the On Demand problems they have had for so long, at least on the Genie System. I will check the On Demand on the HR24 Receivers and see if they fixed it to. So far I am loving the new UI. Time will tell though how good it really is.
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  8. Hope you like it now that you have it.
  9. I’ve read a lot of negativity about the new software, but I really like it so far!
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  10. It' a huge change in looks and where everything is .... once everything gets settled and people get use to it, it will probably be fine ....
    What I don' like is they moved everything and you can't do some of the basic stuff you use to be able to do.
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  11. I could live with it, if:
    1) It weren't so laggy (supposedly newer releases have helped this)
    2) "All channels" recording for series links worked, or links on a single station were easier to make work.
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  12. Arrived this morning. Not laggy at all and I like the look.
  13. Why can’t I Test TV in the HDR TV Color option on my 4k mini? My tv is HDR.
  14. Is that available on Clients, or only the main Genie ?
  15. Clients that supports 4k
  16. I don't know, hopefully someone else will chime in.
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  17. Will this update download automatically
  18. well I think they're using those of us with the new GUI updates as Ginnie Pigs. I know of many Genies yet to get an update, and mine updated twice, once for the original and once after I had forced it to go back to the old GUI, and NOW I just got another NEW update this morning at 3:52am, 0xff1. I haven't noticed any changes from the first one, but I just started using it. One issue I'm getting though on both of the new updates is with my client C51 when I first turn it on. There's only a small TV picture in the left corner. I have to go into menu or such, then exit to get to a full screen TV picture.
  19. IMG_4913.JPG
  20. I just saw that on a subs recvr today, but didn't have time to investigate.
    When you go into the "TV Color" (thats the HDR stuff, don't know why they have labeled it TV Color) is there a "On and Off " selection ?
  21. No just option to test tv but you can’t arrow over to it
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