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Welcome to a very exciting and rewarding hobby!
There are many, many very helpful members on this forum so please don't be afraid to ask questions.

Reminder of the Rules for SatelliteGuys pertaining to hack talk. You were presented this when you joined. Just want to bring up a couple of reminders. SatelliteGuys has never, does not, and will not allow the use of hack talk on this site. This is also referred to as TOS(Theft of Service). This includes willingly hacking or the purchase of a receiver that comes ready to hack out of the box. If this occurs your post/thread will be removed or edited as the SatelliteGuys Staff see fit. You will be warned, as sometimes users do not realize they are in grey areas or crossing them. If you willingly ask how to hack or post up ways to hack you will be banned.

A few more things:
  • Do a little research and look through some of the recent thread topics and posts to see if someone has already posted the same question. If you don't see what you are looking for in recent threads, feel free to start a new one. No need to dig up an old thread unless it is 100% relevant to what you are needing. Things in this hobby change so fast, even though you think what you found is what you are looking for, it may not be valid any longer. So any doubts make a new thread and ask, WE LOVE TO HELP!
  • Free to Air is a hobby first and foremost, it is not meant as an exact replacement for cable or DISH and DirecTV. So you will not get most of the main stream channels. Sometimes we do for a day or a month or longer. When we do we appreciate it and enjoy it while it lasts. DON'T EVER CONTACT A BROADCASTER ASKING WHERE CHANNEL X, Y OR Z WENT! Most of the channels we receive via FTA are not meant for us, so contacting them and asking for channels or complaining about missing channels hurts us all. The reason is, some broadcasters take offense and flip the scramble switch. Then you have just shot yourself and everyone else in the foot.
  • If you do run across a main stream channel or any channel for that matter in the clear, that is not listed at Lyngsat or sathint, and your excited to tell everyone...Make sure you post it in the "whats up there sub forum". Never post those feeds and finds in the main FTA area. This can also cause a channel to get scambled. What's Up There is not indexed by search engines, so it is not spread around the internet.
Check out the other sticky threads and sub-fourms we have in the FTA section. Tons of information here and tons of people that have been doing this for years and years and love helping a newbie feel welcome and help you through to that first signal you receive. It's an awesome hobby help us keep it that way.
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