NFL 2020

I'm beginning to think that the NFL should (probably too late now) have 4 Bubble cities set up across the US and have the season run like that.
The NBA seems to be doing ok, so far and the NHL in Edmonton and Toronto are doing ok so far as well.

I can't imagine each NFL team being able to set up thier Home Stadium as a Local Bubble, althought that could work IF they were Clean from the beginning, then you could fly into each teams bubble and stay safe ...
Sounds like a Ton of work, but had they thought about it in the beginning it may have worked.

Obviously the College game couldn't do that seeing there are so many More teams involved.
Even before the Chinese virus the NFL was doomed. COVID is just one of the final nails. Let that be a lesson to future endeavours. Don't sever the arm off of the hand that feeds you.

Something tells me that message will not be processed properly. Ignorance and hate will prevail from the so called tolerant ones.
Chiefs/Texans looking pretty good. Could we have seen the last of preseason games?

Well, the Chiefs look good anyway.
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Wow... this is like the first year that I'm not certain the Patriots are going to make the playoffs. Usually the regular season is kind of a boring round robin to Pats fans where Belichick is working on his lastest underground mole spying techniques, and now we might be re-entering what is normal for other teams in the NFL.

Granted, Cam Newton might be starting his Hall of Fame induction run as well and the poor people of America will have to endure 5 more years of the Patriots and enduring more Patriots Super Bowl appearances. To make people worried, Cam Newton's end of year pay is something like 20 to 30 times higher if he gets the Pats to the Super Bowl.
Looks like a few ventured too far from their flurry and forgot to actually talk about football.
Ravens win, but they played The Browns. Pats win, but they played the Dolphins. Bills won, but hey played the Jets.

I’m curious how late flags are different without home crowds.
Lions do what the lions do. At least they are sticking to there script and not letting 2020 change them :
Cam played good for the Pats, Brady not so good with Bucs...

I have no idea what to think about Newton. He has injury issues so you don’t want him to get hit too much. I wonder many pass strong plans they have. You never know about the Pats and offense.

Brady wasn’t great, but it wasn’t Johnny Manziel bad. We’ll see, season has a few more weeks to go.

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