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Apr 2, 2006
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Recording on my Openbox to HDD I can chose TS or PS recording. I have better luck with TS recording overall. PS gives me problems. After recording if I move the recorded file to my computer for viewing I get the file with the recording but the (1) hour recorded program is broken into like (12) individual video files with just a few minutes of video at a time. How can I watch the entire (1) hour show from start to finish on my computer like I can on my Openbox after the recording is finished? Thanks

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You could also use Format Factory. (Advanced-Video Joiner) Added bonus: re-compress to another format and save disk space if absolute quality isn't an issue. (I've taken some huge files and shrunk them to 10% of the original with little perceptible loss.)


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May 6, 2005
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Although a more costly option, TS Doctor will merge the files and check for any errors in the stream as well. Additionally, you can cut unwanted portions out of the recording (simple editing) without re-encoding.
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