Samsung benefits even more off the Iphone X

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  1. Since Apple hasn't seen fit to allow you to set the desired parameters when taking the picture, they had to provide that capability somewhere. Assuming it would make sense is folly as Apple has shown a tendency to make sharing files as painful as possible since the .mac format.

    Now with the new format, I hope they offer some format conversion as well as I have seen only one Windows tool that purportedly deals with HEIF files (XN View 2.42) while HEVC is getting to some traction among the shareware titles (though I haven't verified that they can handle Apple's implementation of HEVC). I hope Handbrake support is available.
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  3. Well, you may like SGA resolution, but don't force the rest of us to compromise. I'll make sure to post smaller photos in the future.

    I believe in taking pictures in full resolution and deciding later how they should be used. I don't mind using a computer to do that. I'm an old fart who isn't about to give up the general purpose computer just so I can claim to have it all in my pocket. Which means I don't want to back my pictures up directly to the NAS, but to my iMac. Since my ancient iPhone needs a hardwire connection to charge, plugging it into my iMac works fine. Really, it isn't a big deal. Don't feel too bad for me and my old man habits.

    Maybe Scott needs to start up the "Apple vs. The World" forum like he had the "DirecTV vs. Dish" forum so threads don't get sidetracked with the inevitable "My phone can beat up your phone" posts.
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  4. I offer my criticisms as an iPhone vs asking price wakeup call. If they're going to ask industry leading prices, they should indeed offer an industry leading phone than does pretty much everything one could want.
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  5. Roland- When I send photos to my PC via the app and wifi it is very fast. It is the full resolution single file converted to a jpg. Then to post it, I create a smaller copy of it. Just use the windows Paint program and down size the image to 20% which seems to work well for these threads.

    I believe most Apple users perfer the Apple line of products, not because they want to be a computer geek, but rather because they can operate a Mac or smart phone and not have to understand all things computer. Most of the stuff you fret over, they really don't care about. However, if they do need to get more detailed into specialties, like me, they rig up a custom configured PC. I asked my wife what she likes most about her iMac. She said it never hangs and needs rebooting and it looks good in the Kitchen, matches the other appliances. It just works. I asked her what don't you like. She said when the batteries go dead in the mouse and keyboard.

    There is a new feature for Macs now that allows a user wearing an Apple watch to wake up the computer and go right to the desktop screen when you get near the Mac.
  6. You've put a remarkably fine point on what I've been lamenting.

    Having to develop workflows and go through steps is not something a typical computer or device user should have to suffer. It is a lot of hair to do something that the other guys have been doing without the aid of multiple apps, third party services and carefully derived processes. How nice would it be to be able to shoot pictures in the resolution you wanted and avoid three lossy conversions and a scaling just to post an illustrative photo? Posting snapshots is not a highly specialized function. Having to think carefully about what platform your friends and/or associates use and how you can accommodate them is way beyond silly.

    In the end, something that it thrice lossy compressed is much larger than if it had been saved in JPEG at the desired resolution in the first place. Lossy compression negatively and irretrievably impacts quality and multiple applications compound the artifacts. Raw would be nice, but that doesn't appear to be an option.

    As good as HEIF might be, few are ever going to see their work natively on a display large enough to worry about full resolution until such time as it is supported in more than a handful of not all that sophisticated applications.
  7. Deal with (closed-minded) Apple users and you'll find that many are oblivious to how things work outside of the Apple world.
  8. But if you understood the mind of a TYPICAL Apple user he doesn't care about all that manipulation or even how things work in the PC world. Yes, there are Apple geeks who do and they have to suffer with the Apple infrastructure by choice. I never understood that self limitation either but then again, I am "bilingual" here. My most powerful systems here are run on windows with dual boot on two of the machines. This one is for business and runs both windows XP and windows 7. My primary video edit system runs dual C drives, windows 7 and windows 10. Only my wife uses the Mac, ipad, and iphone with Apple watch. She doesn't feel limited at all and her photography skills have grown considerably since we installed the Apple system here. Integrating it with our PC home was a bit of a chore but it is possible as I need. The trick was adding certain Microsoft products such as Office and Adobe PDF to her Mac. Keep in mind the typical Apple user I know is happy to just shoot a picture and post to the social media sites. If I didn't do Facebook and all it's cousins, didn't do Face time for calls, and share family stuff in icloud, I would miss out since my whole family is Apple ONLY. One of them is even an Apple certified engineer. There is no special thought process Apple users have to go through. But those who try to do something custom would, of course, be better served in the PC world.
  9. Back to OLED screens for the iPhone X, it's good for Apple that Samsung was able to provide the screens. The Verge definitely finds faults with the OLED screens that LG provides for the Pixel XL 2 and V30.
  10. My beef with the X is it's oddball aspect ratio and pixel density. I understand why they did it but don't agree. I wait for the iphone* that is 3840x2160. Maybe an X + ?
  11. Let me know when an iPhone supports band 71. I give it a year. Then I really will have to look at Androids.
  12. It seems like Apple has carefully avoided common matrices in the past so your hope that they will somehow fall in line with the rest of the World seems excessively optimistic.

    Of course if Apple doesn't make it markedly different, head-to-head comparisons are sure to happen and that rarely ends well for products with a relatively high asking price (see more at Bose). Apple dragged their feet with OLED and now that they've had to go there, they're bringing up the rear.