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1. My old Legacy II box has a problem, it does not respond to the remote control. I have changed the batteries but that didnt help. I use the box to move the dish and to change polarity. Is it the box or the remote ? How do you test a RF remote ?

2. I am still unclear about the orientation of the Chapparal LNB. On my setup the LNB is supported by a cup hook which can be rotated thru 360 degrees in its mount. What is the correct position ?

Many thanks for any help.

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How do you test a RF remote ?
Any idea as to what frequency it uses? May be able to tune into it with an old analog television. May hear (sorta like) beeping and flashing bars on the screen. Each button should be a little different 'sound' and/or flashes.
Feedhorn troubleshooting: Might find something here
BTW: Which feedhorn model is the LNB on?
But from general Chaparall knowledge, If it's a servo controlled polarity model, the servo is positioned about 10 to 11 o'clock in the dish face when the dish is aimed true south. But that may not be the case, but a picture of the LNB supported by a cup hook, may shed some light.
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If your remote is IR and you have a digital camera with a screen that shows what the camera is aimed at you can try using that to check your remote, most cameras allow enough infared to pass thier IR filter for this to work. Turn the camera on, point the remote at the camera lense and press a button, on the camera's screen you should see the emitter on the remote light up when you press the button. If it does, the remote is probably good. A remote can actually output a signal that is the wrong frequency, but usually if it's outputing something it's good. Radio Shack a long time ago use to sell cards like the one in the attached picture for about $2.00 to check IR remotes, don't know if they still do or not. The other tester cost about $49.00 some 15 years or so ago.

If the remote is dead, very often it's an easy fix if you can solder and are a little handy, common are bad connections on the emitter leads and or timing crystal or batt. connections, dirty keypad [on the backside, inside] is another common thing to fail with remotes.

SORRY, just looked at your post again and saw RF - didn't see that the first time, so most of this information is useless for you. Although the tester on the left in the picture does test both RF and IR, the model # is RCT-7501, by Phillips ECG.


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