VHF Lo Reception on VHF-Hi/UHF Designed Antennas


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Dec 28, 2010
Northwest Georgia
WHDF (CW-Huntsville) is the station I'm talking about. If I lose the station, it's no big deal because it's only a small fraction of my TV viewing anyway. I live in Southern TN and can receive the main stations in Huntsville AL via a set of rabbit ears (if I chose to), but I have the 4228 to point towards Nashville to pick up a few distant stations from there. With it pointed towards Nashville, I can still pick up 90% signal on Huntsville on the backside.

I've read about the numerous things that can affect reception on RF 2. I read an account once of an individual that couldn't receive a channel on that frequency due to a dirty power line filter outside their home.
TNGuy84, by just pure chance, depending on where you are WFLI 53DT CW (Real 42) serves about to Scottsboro also reaches Fort Payne barely...with the repack, I believe all major Chattanooga majors broadcast from Signal Mountain TN..WFLI when the repack occurs is changing. Many viewpoints on frequency changes..all I know is when WDSI moved and dropped to RF 14, I went from barely getting it to mid 80's on my tuner split as well..without looking at power changes or whatever, was just wondering if that station is a possibility..It's licensed to Cleveland/Chattanooga but most major stations are within a few degrees of each other on Signal Mountain. Just an idea


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May 27, 2018
According to the FCC's website, the signal stops about 40 miles away from me, so it's probably not likely to work. I'm able to receive the Nashville CW affiliate, so I'm fine with that. Thanks for the help, though.
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Mar 18, 2019
There are no short cuts or free lunch when it comes to antennas.
The elements MUST be long enough to be a resonant length at the frequency needed.
This means you need a 9 foot wide dipole to get channel 2
or a 6 foot wide one to get channel 6.
A folded dipole will allow these lengths to shrink a bit but you will still need a 5.5 foot folded dipole for channel 6.
Trying to use a 32 inch wide vhf high antenna will never produce results
unless you can literally see the transmitter.


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Apr 27, 2019
I had an old RS VHF/UHF antenna that broke, and I kept the Channel 2 elements. Sure enough, they’re 48” on each side, so a dipole is 96”. I mounted them side by side on my deck, and it worked really well on VHF and FM, obviously. It’s decent for UHF, but not great.

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