VOOM Has A New Distributor! $500 Rebate on HDTV's


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Mar 10, 2004
skakusha said:
Thanks! Voom ads were all over the place and on at least 50+ TV sets. They had a high end room with all Sony's, the biggest being 82", where it was wall to wall Voom. It was pretty cool. Big difference form Sears.

I played with the controls and noticed some of the things posted in these forums. Channel blacking out, PG always defaulting to Channel 100, etc. I am glad this forum prepped me for that. The PQ was pretty awesome though, regardless of the glitches.

Interesting Point: In the Sony/Voom room, 6 televisions were connected, with one box. 3 of the 6 TV's reacted differently to channel changes. When changing channels not all would black out etc. I guess it is a TV/STB software and hardware thing.

Sorry, I am getting off topic. I think I will keep DirecTV because of my 2 Tivo's and lack of PVR's w/ Voom. When the PVR comes out and is stable, I will then cancel DirecTV. I have read that most people are keeping another provider. Any thoughts or advice? By the way SD PQ on DirecTV has been very bad this week. . .very pixelated.

I am a TIVO beta tester and am currently using my TIVO series 2 with Voom and its AWESOME!!



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May 4, 2004
Both of my Tivo's are D* integrated receivers. I would need to go out and buy a Tivo 2 stand alone box. I bought a ReplayTV over the weekend to try it out, but the interface is nothing like that of Tivo.

I was curious to see the 480p output or ReplayTV. It is also easy to move shows on to a laptop or burn to DVD, but Tivo is Tivo. :) How did you get to be a Beta user? I also see on the posts that Tivo is now supported by Voom, but ReplayTV needs some special coding and 2 SD feeds in order for the guide to work.

Stoneman, what DVR are you using?


May 3, 2004
skakusha said:
Well, I just got back from Brandsmart, and I went with the $500 Rebate deal. I called Voom and the CSR was great. Since I already had my order and install for May21st, they just switched out my account, which allowed me to get the rebate.

This was a no brainer for me. I already have a 65" Mitsu in my family room, and I used the rebate to buy a 34" 16:9 Flat screen for my bedroom. A little overkill, but oh well. After rebate, I will only be out of pocket $598 + tax, since I got a really good deal on the TV.

My parents and friends are signing up as well. They saw the 2 year commitment as a negative, but after a discussion they changed their mind. Worst case scenarion, you are getting a $20.88 discount on your tv monthly, if you cancel you pay the difference. If you wanted a new TV anyways, this is a great deal no matter what. Also, you can lease or buy the Voom boxes. I went with the lease becuase I am waiting for the PVR's.

By the way, they do have a LIVE FEED, and the traffic and purchasing volume was insane. They had Huge ads in the paper with the Voom name everywhere. The Voom CSR was also very aware of the BrandsMart deal.

I was disappointed with the lack of knowledge by the Voom reps. at the store. They could not answer any of my questions, and gave incorrect information. I actually had several discussions with customers, which was to Voom's advantage, since the reps could not explain things correctly.

Well, I am happy with the decision, and I look forward to joining you guys as a Voomer.
Did you buy the Phillips 34" wide-screen HD?
I had mine delivered yesterday from BrandsMart (Sunrise) and the tv is incredible without HD!
But you're right about the salespeople, he did not tell me about the $500 rebate, so I'm on hold now with VOOM, hopefully they'll let me go buy the
$149.00 deal, my install date is 05/26/04, how'd you get your date sooner?



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Sep 8, 2003
You are aware that VOOM will be raiseing prices in the coming months. I forget when but Dragonlady_Mom (A VOOM CSR) on the Voom Yahoo group said that the basic package price is scheduled to rise something like $10. I forget how much it is going up it was some time ago but they are definatly going up.
Just be sure to caculate this in.


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May 4, 2004
bfdtpkt said:
I'm on hold now with VOOM, hopefully they'll let me go buy the
$149.00 deal, my install date is 05/26/04, how'd you get your date sooner?


I had a Voom installed ordered over two weeks ago, thus the early date of May21st. Considering how long it will take to install, you have a faster turn around time then I do. I ordered Voom before the Brandsmart deal, and Voom was very easy about making the change and keeping my previous install date. I'll keep you posted on my install. . .

BTW, did you hear about the rebate here, and not the store? There is a link on the first page of this thread for the mail in rebate.

I have to say, every time I call Voom I am more and more impressed with thier staff. Every call has been a positive one, and I have never waited more than a minute on hold. And I have called a lot. :)

I have to report that I went to pick up the Phillips today, and walked out with the 34" Sony Trinitron XBR. Since this is a TV for the bedroom, I am convinced that I am a very SICK MAN! LOL! The $500 Rebate made it to hard to pass up. Every TV except the projection in my house is Sony, so I have to stay with tradition. I watched it tonight with my OTA HD box, and I cannot wait for Voom. This TV has 720P, so I am curious to see the difference between 1080i and find out what the controversy that I have read so much about is.

Now I will be checking out the DVR Stoneman mentioned.

I am going back to the store tomorrow with my Dad that is signing up for Voom as well. He cancelled his Dish HDTV service today (got the monitor and reciever deal) becuase he was upset with the service, and wanted all of the HD channels carried by Voom.

Thanks for the $10 update on the base package. I thought that Voomers who signed up before May30th would not see an increase. I ordered the VaVaVoom package. Is there a $10 increase there as well?



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May 4, 2004
They moved my insatll to tomorrow afternoon. Yes! I have to read up on what needs to be done. I spoke to the installer about a separte line from antennae and not using diplexer. He said therer will be an extra charge and that the diplexer should be used.

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City
Here's the press release:


VOOM Aligns With BrandsMart USA Stores

Top South Florida Retailer is VOOM's New Retail Partner

JERICHO, N.Y., May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- VOOM, the first comprehensive
high-definition (HD) satellite television service, announced today it is
teaming with South Florida's number one discount retailer of appliances,
consumer electronics and housewares, BrandsMart USA. Now, VOOM will have a
strong presence at the BrandsMart USA's five showrooms, all in South Florida.
Since its preview period ended in March, VOOM maintains its commitment to
making HDTV accessible to more consumers by introducing compelling pricing
offers and expanding distribution.
VOOM has worked closely with BrandsMart USA to train the retailer's sales
and installation staff, as well as set up displays. Additionally, VOOM and
BrandsMart USA will launch a co-operative marketing campaign in May to promote
VOOM through television and newspaper advertisements.
"This partnership gives us an important foothold into the Florida market,
and provides us with the important linkage to the sales of HDTV receivers in a
market where off-air HDTV reception is excellent," said Bill Casamo, executive
vice president, marketing and sales for Rainbow DBS. "As the leading regional
Florida electronics retailer with the largest HDTV inventory and sales,
BrandsMart USA is a natural fit for VOOM."
BrandsMart USA carries an extensive variety of televisions, including
nearly 150 HDTVs on display on each showroom floor. It leads the country in
retail sales per square foot and sales per store. The five locations include
Deerfield Beach, Miami Palm Beach Sawgrass Mills, South Dade County and West
Palm Beach.
"HDTVs continue to be a big seller at BrandsMart USA and a big growth area
for our business," said Michael Perlman, president of BrandsMart USA. "Now
our customers have access to an entire HDTV package, including a complete line
of HDTV sets and VOOM's HD programming service, in all of our retail

Vlad D

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Mar 5, 2004
South Florida
Can anyone tell me exactly what the $149.99 VOOM Start-Up Kit is for? Is it an installation fee? Or is it credited toward your Voom account? A friend of mine wants to buy an HDTV this weekend and I told him about this deal. I just want to get all the info before he takes the plunge.




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May 16, 2004
Good deal if you're in South Florida. Sucks for the rest of us. Thanks, Voom.