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Jun 1, 2004
Philadelphia, PA
I live in an apartment and am moving to a 2 bedroom... which happens to have LOS to 61.5 :D but i was told i cant affix a satelitte to the apt building itself. I was wondering if the installers would do something custom. I have a balcony at my apt, and my old place i used to have a pole with the sat attached to the end of it and set up correctly. This seems like i would have to do the same thing or be creative in a different way. (My balcony is in the perfect position for Voom to be on) Would installers install it this way if i supply the mounting pole, or does anyone have other ideas how to accomplish this? Thanks!


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Mar 24, 2004
You have a right to use this space. Installers will charge you probably $100+ for bucket, cement, and pole + labor. You might might want to go to home depot and make it yourself and it will cost you $30.


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Mar 12, 2004
You can do a bucket mount, but be sure that the installer will do it. Some installing companies won't do them cause of the service calls they produce. Another option is a tripod mount, which might cost you some coin, or this, again costs quite a bit, but cool as hell... :)


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