What happened to 95 W Ku?


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Nov 30, 2011
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Sorry if this question has been asked already. I get zero signals on this bird anymore. Used to be several reliable data feeds and some Mexican educational stuff.
This was one of the first birds I hit back when I was starting in the hobby. I remember CGTN and some Muzak being on there. I also miss listening to the voiceover argue with himself over which languages was on 89w when LDS was there.

“Portuguese-Haitian “ repeat 1 Billion Times :)

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Good to hear. I was getting ready to abandon my motor that drifts off course and just park my dish at 103.

Ever since my motor quit and with this weather being too brutal, I have stayed on 103 for a few weeks now and I didn’t mind moving it around every time but all i ever see are the 4 channel color bar mux at 99 now and the usual 87 stuff. At least the 103 seems to be a little more lively. I have never seen anything on the 99 mux. I miss when we had grand junction.

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