Which NFL games are you receiving this week?

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  1. zap2it finally updated today...showing NE/NYJ at noon on CBS
  3. Here in Chicago we get Bears/Bucs at Noon, Packers/Cardinals at 3:25 on FOX. CBS we are stuck with the Jags/Saints. Even though I am a Bears fan, if that game gets out of hand, would much rather have had the chance to flip on Pats/Jets than have the Jags/Saints. This is where I am thankful for the RedZone channel!
  4. Interesting as Chicago is on the road so they dont have to give you the late game (only if they were at home)

    But it sounds like WBBM is like WCCO here in Minneapolis and if Vikes are on at noon and CBS only has one game they usually give us the (crap) late game
  5. Ironically ALL the road teams on the early FOX games their local market CBS station is taking the late game too
    San Fran
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    1 PM EST
    Raiders at Chiefs CBS

    4:25 PM ET
    Chargers at Broncos CBS
    Rams at 49ers FOX

    Sunday Night Football on NBC
    7:30 PM
    Vikings at Packers NBC
    I am thankful for NFL SUNDAY TICKET!! :)
  7. That is so bizarre considering the Jags/Saints didn't mean anything as both teams were eliminated at kickoff, and it was a very big Jets/Pats game at 1pm.
  8. I'm pretty sure Carolina & Dallas did it because the CBS affiliates would get no ratings against the "home" team
    The other 3 made no sense really...unless they figures a Jags/Saints game would get better ratings than going against the "local" team
  9. pretty much the national games this week
    1st time since 2007 (!!!!!) Minneapolis gets 4 games (every year from 2008-2014 Vikes played last week at home)

    WCCO 4/ KCCO 7/ KCCW 12 CBS
    Noon NYJ/Buffalo
    3:25 Denver/San Diego

    KMSP 9 FOX
    Noon Washington/Dallas
    3:25 Seattle/Arizona
  10. so much conflicting info right now!!! And it refers to both noon games
    CBS shows NE/Miami on Tivo but I hear its suppose to be NYJ/Buffalo
    FOX shows Washington/Dallas on Tivo but recently heard its switched to Detroit/Chicago (which makes more sense)
  11. Chicago is getting Bears/Lions then Seahawks/Cardinals on FOX. CBS we get Jets/Bills and Chargers/Broncos. I am ok with these four games - not complaining at all. If the Bears game goes bad, the Jets/Bills would be the one I would be interested in on CBS. Really surprised we didn't get the Colts game in the early CBS slot especially since we tend to get a lot of Colt games and the Colts aren't mathematically eliminated yet. Although they need a ton of help...
  12. Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys, 10 a.m., Fox (5), KXST-AM (1140)

    New York Jets at Buffalo Bills, 10 a.m., CBS (8), KBAD-AM (920)

    Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns, 10 a.m., KWWN (1100 AM, 100.9 FM)

    Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals, 1 p.m., Fox (5)

    San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos, 1:25 p.m., CBS (8), KRLV-AM (1340)

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers, 1:25 p.m., KBAD-AM (920)

    Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs, 1:25 p.m., KXST-AM (1140)

    Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers, 5:20 p.m., NBC (3), KWWN (1100 AM, 100.9 FM)
  13. Greenville/Spartanburg/Asheville has blacked out Panthers games before, and no it wasn't because of a non-sellout, it was because they wanted to show the Falcons(at Seattle).
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  14. That's not a blackout
  15. Thats probably a contract thing. (with that particular network.)
  16. I'm getting the Panthers /Vikings and Cowboys/Giants early then Eagles/Rams late. I don't think Charlotte gets the the Cowboys game since Panthers are at home on CBS, correct?
  17. I get all the games.
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