Which NFL games are you receiving this week?

Discussion in 'The Sports Section' started by BillD1984, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. WEEK 1- Boston

    Patriots at Titans- 1:00pm (CBS)
    Redskins at Saints- 1:00pm (FOX)
    49ers at Packers- 4:25pm (FOX)

    The wait is almost ovah!! :D
  3. as of right now

    Vikes/Jags on CBS (both Mankato and Minneapolis)
    Packers/49ers on Fox Minneapolis (no Fox early game as Vikes at home)

    Fox Mankato hasnt updated yet with what games they will show (they CAN show an early game as they are more than 75 miles from the Humpty Dome)
  4. Jets vs. Bills-WCBS2
    Titans vs. Pats-WFSB3

    I dont know about the FOX games. They havent announced what games are on in my area.
  5. Too soon to tell, most haven't been populated in the guide, just says NFL Football.

    I know the Rams and Lions will be on locally on Fox at 1 out of Detroit and the Colts and Bears on CBS at 1.
    The Toledo feed will show the Browns on Fox ...
    So, Lions fans outside of Detroit will need to find Channel 2 if they can get it to watch the Lions game in this area.

    I hate that, Cleveland is 2.5 hours away and Detroit is 45 minutes away, but locally they show the Browns whenever possible.

  6. That has to suck being a steeler fan and they make you watch the clowns.
  7. Oh no, not at all .....

    Thats why God made the ST !!!

    Go Steelers !!!

    Fwiw, I will gladly watch the Lions over the Browns when the two are on at the same time.

    I should be able to watch all the Lions and Steelers games this year, I think there was only like 3 weeks that they play at the same time !!!
  8. Probably since Detroit is out of state, they don't consider part of the "local" area.
  9. For the Detroit Area for sure:

    Rams @ Lions- 1 PM ET on FOX
    Colts @ Bears- 1 PM ET on CBS

    We're also suppose to get a 4:25 PM ET game on FOX but it has yet TBD. My guess is that it'll be the 49ers @ Packers
  10. 1pm - CBS Colts vs Bears (Both Cincinnati and Dayton)
    1pm - FOX Eagles @ Browns (Dish guide says TBA for Fox 19 but Fox 19 Cinti site has these games- Fox 45 Dayton site still has TBA but I'd be shocked if they don't show the Eagles @ Browns)
    4:30pm - FOX 49ers @ Packers (Dish guide says TBA for Fox 19 but Fox 19 Cinti site has these games- Fox 45 Dayton site still has TBA)
  11. FYI here are the possible games on TV:

    CBS 1pm
    Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets
    Jacksonville Jaguars @ Minnesota Vikings
    Indianapolis Colts @ Chicago Bears
    New England Patriots @ Tennessee Titans
    Miami Dolphins @ Houston Texans

    FOX 1pm
    Atlanta Falcons @ Kansas City Chiefs
    Philadelphia Eagles @ Cleveland Browns
    Washington Redskins @ New Orleans Saints
    St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions

    FOX 4:30pm
    San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers (National game)
    Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Regional)
    Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals (Regional)
  12. All of them every week. Sunday Ticket. :)
  13. Sunday is the NFL ST freeview by the way
  14. I was about to post this. Great site. Very rarely have they been wrong.

    For me in CT I don't have the list but if I had to guess I'd say:

    1pm: Pats VS Titans and no Fox game because of course EVERYONE in CT is a Pats fan so therefore any game on the competing network automatically pulls a 0.0 rating so there's no point of showing it.

    4pm: Niners VS Packers (F-YEAH!)

    Overall though like others here it doesn't matter any week because I'll be getting NFL Sunday Ticket once again (necessity as a 49ers fan) except mine will be via the PS3 app that does it. I got it last year and it worked very well. Not as good as the DirecTV package but hell it's Sunday Ticket without needing DirecTV!
  15. because you are in the teams local area (stations within 75 miles of stadium) you get no early game....not because the Pats are on. Fox has the DH but in your case (and mine being in Mpls) our teams are at home. No game can go against it in the home team market

    as JP writes on his site
    If the local team is playing at home and it's sold out, that's the only game on local TV. Even if the other network has a doubleheader. Even if the Game of the Century is at the same time.
  16. DISH

    Cowboys beat Giants
    Steelers lose to Manning

    Colts get slaughtered by Bears

    TBA both games ...

    Then there is the Sunday Ticket Freeview with DIRECTV ;)
  17. I, too live in CT. and like I posted above, we will be seeing the Pats on WFSB3 out of Hartford and the Jets on WCBS2 out of NY. I dont know if FOX has a game or not. According to zap2it.com, there is but it says NFL Football.
  18. 61 has the Redskins @ Saints on at 1pm.
  19. CBS

    New England @ Tennessee

    Fox early

    Philadelphia @ Cleveland

    Fox late

    San Francisco @ Green Bay
  20. Another incredibly stupid and outdated rule that the NFL likes to hold onto I suppose. However I don't think that applies for us because A: The stadium is 100 miles away from the television station, and B: Patriots are playing away this week.
    I'm not seeing this anywhere. I have seen that there is a game on but I suppose they haven't decided which one. They'll probably pick that one since it's the "most local" of the bunch, unless you count the Eagles game.. Again at the end of the day doesn't matter since I have NFL ST. Speaking of, I better order that soon.
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