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Welcome Glorystar. Its nice to see you add to the vibrant community that is SatelliteGuys!

Best of luck!!!
Welcome :wave Glorystar!

Love the programming you offer and would love to have a complete system to watch it all with :)

Glad to have a specific forum for y'all :D
Welcome glorystar, for us in the mission field its a blessing to be able to point a dish up in the sky and be able to receive great chrystian content to enjoy with the whole family and brothers and sisters.
Count me in. You are meeting a great need with this positive satellite service.
welcome and pick us Pleeeeeeeeeeeease

We are a family of 10(8 children) and we are tired of what Sky Angel is trying to pass off as Christian TV. In researching your website we are very impressed by how child friendly the programming is, Especially Smile Child. :eek:
Even as a Sky Angel Lifelong subscriber, I would like to welcome Glorystar to SatelliteGuys, and I wish you all the success in the world. I think it's great to have competition in the Christian satellite market, just as there is in the secular market. It can only lead to improved services for customers.
Not open for further replies.

Guide data?

How many channels will be added??

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