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    Dish Network Subscriber Growth Skids 89%

    hmmh, have to assume this is paying the price for being so slow to add SciFi HD (and other new HD content)...hopefully, with today's additions, things will turn around for Dish...
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    DISH Network Charges Forward With Another Round of National HD Channel Launches

    I beg to differ... remember that this fall "The Clone Wars" premieres on Cartoon Network and will showcase what HD is all about... by adding ToonHD, Dish just made the right move to ensure they keep my business (in conjunction w/adding SciFi HD)...
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    What's YOUR tipping point?

    I'm furious about the Sci-Fi situation, but I am hoping that if all else fails, Season 4 of BSG will air delayed on Universal HD like season 3 did last year (yes, I waited, spoiler free, until I could watch BSG in HD). So, I can live with that situation, grudgingly. I have three 622s...
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    3rd leased 622 installed today

    Yup, I got the regular menu, too, when I dialed the "special" number. I just selected Tech Support and told the rep what I was trying to do and eventually, they got it sorted.
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    3rd leased 622 installed today

    Since there are often threads questioning how many leased HDDVRs Dish allows, just wanted to share that my 3rd leased 622 was just installed - so it *is* possible (I guess Dish is loosening restrictions given the impending release of the 722?). Got the deal for $49 plus the $100 rebate over 10...
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    New "CHILLER" channel - Do you think Dish will carry it?

    Just finished watching Galactica recorded from Universal HD last night...I was about to blast through some commercials when one caught my eye - it was for "Chiller" and at the end, had a blurb about launching 1 March on channel 257. I don't believe it specified Direct TV or it implied...
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    Why no 2nd HD-DVR?

    Dish clearly makes the determination on a case-by-case basis - my 2nd leased 622 was delivered and installed today after I sent an e-mail to (after seeing this and related threads); I requested an exception to their max-4-tuner policy and received a call within 2 hours of the...
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    Benefit to owning a receiver??

    OK, I just dealt with one of Dish's high speed CSRs. My statement arrived today reflecting three leased receiver fees. I only lease 2 receivers (622 and 942) and I own the 3rd, a 211. I call Dish to get it straightened out and after significant confusion on their end as they worked to verify...
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    Star Wars III on HD HBO

    certainly true, but for my set-up, the difference is negligible. My Pioneer DV-59AVI player upconverts (very nicely) to 720P and I watch most of my HD viewing via an Optoma H79 projector, which does, the difference in video quality between a DVD (particularly one as outstanding as...
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    Star Wars III on HD HBO

    I have a question on what you guys define as "OAR" - it was 2:35:1 when I watched it last night on HBOHD - which is of course the same OAR that the DVD was formatted in. However, when Episode II aired on HBOHD, it was presented in 1:78:1, whereas Episode II is also in 2:35:1 on the DVD. I was...
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    Help: My complicated(?) upgrade scenario

    Looking for some advice / sanity checking on what I'm considering by way of MPEG-4 upgrading. I currently own 3 Dish receivers (811 - active, 510 - active, 501 - inactive) and lease a 942. I just upgraded the TV that the 510 is hooked up to an HDTV, so I have no need for SD boxes anymore...
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    Question re: Dish 1000, HD and living in Northeast U.S.

    I am trying to determine whether I should give any consideration to the upcoming MPEG-4 equipment upgrade offers and need some help. Here's my current set up: I live northeast of Baltimore (Fallston, MD 21047), have a Dish 500, and a couple of HD receivers (a leased 942 and an owned 811) and a...
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    811 remote stopped working - suggestions?

    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions - it turns out that the remote simply died - I have no idea why. Got a replacement remote and I'm good to go. Cheers, Todd
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    811 remote stopped working - suggestions?

    Folks, My 811 remote stopped working the other day. No apparent rhyme or reason, it just does not work. Changed the batteries, verified the remote address had not somehow changed and tried unplugging / plugging back in the 811. No dice. (was hoping the solutions offered in this thread -...
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    DishMover question / decision support

    OK, I've been lurking in this forum for a couple of years - always a source of great info. I've never had need to post - until now...and am hoping the gurus here can provide some help. We are moving to a new house (new construction) and my first time using the "Dishmover" service hasn't...