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    3 New channels launched on Directv. Univision Deportes Network HD part of Choice Xtra

    Choice Extra Classic here and I'm getting it. I also have Sports Pack too so I'm not sure which one is allowing me access.
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    Directv app for Android Tablets (finally ) but ......

    Mine says NOT compatible with my Galaxy Note 2 AT&T. It is compatible with my Asus Transformer Prime (TF201T). Both devices are running a form of Jellybean, so I'm not sure why one works and the other doesn't.
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    Excellent Credit = $300 Credit fee???

    I had a $200 years ago when I signed up and my credit isn't the best. That sure does sound odd that they want $300 from someone is great standing.
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    New Directv Subscriber Sports Blackout/Local Issue

    Philly local channels will get you the Eagles for the NFL on FOX since that is the home area. You may receive the Giants as well, but its not guaranteed as the Eagles are the main team for that area. The NHL, NBA, and MLB do things differently. They broadcast the majority of their games on...
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    Confused about local channels

    1) Once your new account address is set up you will have to request a "waiver" through DirecTV to get the national networks from NY or LA. You may or may not be eligible, they will determine that. It will take up to a month to get a final response. 2) Your card is "married" to your...
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    less games?

    Don't forget about the bye weeks that teams are having during this time of the season. When that happens there are a couple fewer games per week and they are subtracted from the Sunday afternoon games as there are still Sunday night and Monday night games.
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    When High Def Doesn’t Include High Def

    It's simple greed by DirecTV and/or NFL. Notice how DirecTV is so willing to throw in the Superfan for free all the time. Customers who pay full price for it all is just icing on the cake for DirecTV.
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    DTV Sports pack last night

    The NFL has nothing to do with those channels anyways. They deal with your local FOX and CBS on Sunday afternoon, NBC Sunday Night, ESPN Monday Night, and NFL Network Thursday nights starting Thanksgiving.
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    Sunday Ticket HD wo superfan?

    Take a look on the DirecTV website. You get a lot more than just the games in HD with the Superfan package.
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    New to Direct

    If you want any promotion deal whatsoever with DirecTV you will need that contract to do so. You can go without a contract, but here is what happens. You provide the equipment. You install it yourself. You pay full price for programming. You cannot take advantage of any new customer deals...
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    Fox Sports channels

    I don't know the details, but there is a way from what I hear where you can get a Canadian setup using a middleman.
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    Fox Sports channels

    Canada satellite companies have Sunday Ticket...and for a much lower price.
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    On-Screen Guide Size Increase

    I have directv and when I go to the program guide it shows me 6 channels over an hour and a half.
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    DirecTV Distant Networks Tips???

    I wasn't even thinking about the SD I guess with the transistion why would I?
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    DirecTV Distant Networks Tips???

    Not anymore. Eastern and Central time zones get New York and Mountain and Pacific zones get Los Angeles. Bottom Line.
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    Best source for new DTV receivers

    Any receivers you get from DirecTV now are leased so you would have to give them back if you dropped their service. You can buy used ones on Ebay and activate them as long as the ID numbers are in the clear. You may have to buy new access cards for them though. It depends on how nice the CSR...
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    DirecTV North

    Yeah I live in the Northern US and have pondered one of the Canadian services. Seems like the sports are cheaper there too.
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    Versus HD Problems?

    I noticed that earlier too. I am glad that I get the FSN Detroit broadcast of the game though. Good to hear the broadcasters cheering on my team!!!
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    HD Sports Package Question

    I know with the NFL package the HD costs more. The feature there is called Superfan. You may want to re-check your package as it may not include the HD versions as those are an extra charge. At least that is how the NFL does it.
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    Sports pack Poll!

    Count me in too...That makes 20!!!! YEEEEEHAAAWW!!!
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    So WHEN ARE new HD premium movie channels coming??

    I agree that DirecTV is weak in the movie department. On the flipside it is very strong on the sports side, especially HD sports. Dish Network is the oposite, which is why I went with DirecTV as my selection. I look at it as "it is what it is".
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    I don't think DirecTV has any 1080p broadcasts yet. I think all HD is either 720p or 1080i.
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    Those are CONUS. You will get those if you "move" to NYC. You will not get any other NYC locals though, only the Big 4.
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    DirecTV price increases coming in March

    TC and TC+ are old packages that are no longer offered. They were replaced with Choice and Choice Extra, respectively. If you still have either of these old packages you are grandfathered in with them, and I am sure they will go up $3 per month as well.
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    Comparing DirecTV & Dish but need info on billing practices and reliability

    I was teetering between the two satellite providers for a month or two before I made my choice. The punchline was the fact that DISH wanted to charge me 5 bucks per receiver that wasn't connected to a phone line where DTV didn't charge anything. That would have been 20 bucks more a month for...